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More productivity with the workflow management system Workspace Pro X – Automation at its best

As part of “Industry 4.0” the goal is not only to automate recurring tasks and single process steps, but to combine them into workflows and to enable the entire workflow to run automatically based on software systems. An IT-based workflow management system like Workspace Pro X connects single automatized process steps – mostly through interfaces – and enables an efficient and reliable collaboration between human being and machine.
There are already existing software solutions for single process steps as imposition, formatting (as bleed or generate varnish and white masks), preflighting, image processing, halftone printing and if applicable inksaving, which fulfill these functions mostly automated. By combining individual software programs with Workspace Pro X, the entire process can be run fully automatically. Once the print data has been uploaded to the FTP server or hot folder, or sent by e-mail, Workspace Pro X sends the print file automatically through each individual step in the process. Workspace Pro X reduces the risk of errors while reducing turnaround times.

Icon-Benefits from using Workspace Pro X

Return on Investment: Maximum time and cost savings due to maximum level of automation in the prepress stage

Icon-Return on Investment

Error avoidance: With an automated workflow manual interventions are eliminated and therefore not only do costs fall but so do the numbers of mistakes and misprints.
Cost reduction: Every single manual process step increases costs. In order to withstand the massive price pressure the printing industry experiences today, it is necessary to use the potential savings of an efficiently designed workflow.
Quicker turnaround for print jobs and increased throughput: With a comprehensive workflow automatization, last-minute changes and additional customizations can be implemented without adjusting deadlines accordingly.
Enhanced transparency and traceability: Automatic tracking leads to more efficient planning and therefore to a significant reduction in downtime and delays that can frequently arise due to a lack of internal or external communication with the customer.
It clearly shows: To stay competitive in today’s business and to push innovative business ideas ahead, service providers must completely rely on a fully automated workflow management system. Only in that way a rising number of print jobs with decreasing volumes and high levels of complexity can be produced while efficiency can be increased and costs reduced.
Comprehensive layout options for your workflow:
Increased flexibility – More automation – Increased throughput

Benefits: More flexibility, more automation, increased throughput, less manual intervention

Increase your throughput with Workspace Pro X! Many different modules enable you to set up your workflow in a more flexible way, to automate to a significantly greater extent and to increase reliability.

OneVision check mark - Workspace ProSave time and money through automated order processing

OneVision check mark - Workspace ProHighest quality by reducing manual intervention

OneVision check mark - Workspace ProMore flexibility with an extended user management that allows more user roles to be defined including adjustments of access rights

OneVision check mark - Workspace ProMore automation by processing MS Office and LibreOffice files and converting them into PDF automatically

OneVision check mark - Workspace ProComprehensive layout options for your workflow:
    Increased flexibility – More automation – Increased throughput

OneVision check mark - Workspace ProExtended statistics section for detailed reporting in order to identify production peaks and possible bottlenecks at an early stage and to be able to take countermeasures

Workflow Management with Workspace Pro X

Features & Versions

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We offer various solutions customized to your needs and your various applications.

FunctionWorkspaceWorkspace Pro X
Jobs Overview: Clear and structured list of all jobs processed with the system. Can be filtered and sorted. Job details availableOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
User management: Easy to use - takes over groups and users from your Windows user managementOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Connect to any number of folders on local or UNCOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Send E-mails: Sends e-mails to one or more recipients. Job files may be attached.OneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Virtual Printer: Allows transfer of native files into Workspace assembly lines by printingOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
FTP & FTPS-Support: Unlimited upload and download of files to and from FTP serversOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Filter name: Mode that can distribute files according to file format  OneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Script: Enables Workspace to integrate scripts into an assembly line OneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Job History: Creates a detailed log file OneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Job scheduler: Schedules the execution of modules in assembly lines by setting waiting times

OneVision check mark - Asura

OneVision check mark - Asura
Compress / Decompress Files: Supports import from archive formats, e.g. zip, tar, gzip, jar and export as zip OneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Extract Metadata: Extracts metadata information from PDF, JPG and TIFF files and makes them available as file properties. OneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Job Ticket: Enables Workspace to use job ticketsOneVision check mark - Asura
Flexible Order Prioritization: Controls the priority of jobs based on the day of the week and time of day OneVision check mark - Asura
Rename files: Rename job files according to predefined rules OneVision check mark - Asura
Retrieve E-Mails: Automatic email download from defined email accounts and automated processing of the attachments OneVision check mark - Asura
SFTP Support: Secure communications with FTP serversOneVision check mark - Asura
Page Pairing: Flexible Page Pairing based on Asura technologyOneVision check mark - Asura
Filter properties: Files can be processed differently based on your metadata (properties) OneVision check mark - Asura
Interactive Order Start: File upload from the local machine directly to the Workspace server with custom parameters OneVision check mark - Asura
Collect: Collecting files within the parameters of a job OneVision check mark - Asura
Hotfolder: Integration of external hotfolder applicationsOneVision check mark - Asura
WebDAV: Download files from web servers OneVision check mark - Asura
Interact: Interrupts the automatic course of assembly lines' file processing providing an interface for interactively working on job files using any locally installed applications. OneVision check mark - Asura
JavaScript: Executes a JavaScript script within Workspace --> no external script files needed --> direct access to metadata such as job and file propertiesOneVision check mark - Asura
Extended User Management: Allows to create and assign user-defined rolesOneVision check mark - Asura
Office Connector: Converts office documents automatically to PDF using MS Office/LibreOfficeOneVision check mark - Asura
5 Interact Clients: Interrupts the automatic file processing. Users may approve or reject
files interactively
OneVision check mark - Asura
S3 interface: Use Amazon spaces as data sourceOneVision check mark - Asura
Adobe Connectors: Enables the conversion of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator files to PDFOneVision check mark - Asura

What our customers say about our Workflow Management System

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Annelou Aalders, Technology Manager, Telegraaf Media Groep:
"We were able to cut costs because Workspace simplified our infrastructure, monitoring and workflow management. Furthermore our flexibility increased considerably since modifications are so much easier."

Logo Druckhaus Waiblingen

Thomas Ovelgönne, Head of Prepress, Druckhaus Waiblingen:                                                                                                                 "OneVision’s Workspace Pro offers us the possibility, to standardize and to automatize many processes. The acquisition paid off very quickly for us."


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