print production

Connectivity to existing systems – uncomplicated & fast

The system landscape of print service providers today is usually very diverse. They use a variety of systems for job and file input, as well as different machines for printing, postpress, and finishing. Seamless interaction between these systems is essential. Only with a smooth workflow can print service providers produce efficiently and economically. As modular software, the OneVision Automation Suites can be connected to any system using structured data exchange for a complete end-to-end print integration.

The benefits of a connected print production

With the uncomplicated connectivity to your systems, you are one step ahead with the OneVision middleware: 

  • ANYTHING can be integrated 
    from MIS, webshop (REST based web APIs), ERP to RIP/DFE, printing, and finishing machines – the only requirement is structured data: xml-based data exchange
  • Automatic processing of files via FTP, web upload, e-mail or USB stick
  • Print jobs are processed efficiently and reliably
  • Time savings through seamless data and file transfer without duplicate file entry
  • Potential for business growth through disruption-free processes
  • Complete end-to-end workflow

in practice 

Perfect connection thanks to modular software

For print production, both the order data, such as color, run length, format, finishing, etc., and the production file are required. This order data is stored in a system. By integrating with these systems, the OneVision software automatically receives the required information and print files. In the next step, the production file is checked and prepared for printing and finishing - automatically. With front-end integration of the MIS or webshop, both unidirectional and bidirectional communication are possible. By connecting to RIP/DFE as well as printing, finishing and embellishment machines, print products are produced quickly and profitably.

In general, OneVision distinguishes between three major types of integration.

  • Predefined integrations
    We have ready-made interfaces for a number of systems that are widely used by our customers. This means that they can be connected to the modular software immediately without any extra adjustments.
  • Customize xml interface
    OneVision is happy to contact other vendors to create an interface for our mutual customers.
  • Transform data via xslt
    The most pragmatic approach is to take the output of the MIS/webshop and transform it using xslt so that it is usable for the automated production workflow. This task does not require the involvement of another vendor and can be done in a collaboration between our customers and us. The effort required depends on both the volume and complexity of the information created by the system.

OneVision’s extremely modular software provides print service providers with a flexible degree of connectivity. Worldwide cooperations with different system and hardware manufacturers offer our customers reliable and uncomplicated system integration. The result: a seamless end-to-end workflow for your print production.