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AI software for the image processing of the future

Take your entire image processing to a new level. The technology of the AI image processing software allows you to recognize objects in images according to different object classes, and on this basis to follow a precisely fitting processing and optimization. By recognizing people or, for example, whether an image was taken indoor or outdoor, skin tones, among other things, can be optimized realistically and naturally.

The software then scales the images to new dimensions, resolutions or a new number of pixels (including color management and/or format conversions). For maximum productivity and consistent high quality in your image editing process – whether print or online publication (multi-channel automation)!

Benefit from significantly higher productivity through faster image processing and optimization based on Amendo. Achieve your security goals: By recognizing people/faces and vehicle license plates, we can make them unrecognizable and thus protect personal rights.

Why use our AI image processing software Amendo AI for your processes?

  • Amendo AI recognizes objects according to different object classes
    → this enables specific processing based on the image class
  • Amendo AI recognizes whether the image was taken indoor or outdoor
    → this enables specific processing
  • Recognition of people and faces
    → more specific and accurate optimization of skin tones
  • Customized image processing according to the detected information
  • Improved color optimization based on the environment
  • AI-based adjustment of saturation to preserve detail or harmonize saturation in the image
  • Productivity: Amendo AI processes images automatically 24 / 7
  • Local installation, no cloud or data transfer to other service providers and thus no further costs

AI Image

AI image processing enables the identification of different object classes and based on that an individual image optimization. The AI image processing software recognizes both people and faces, as well as whether the shot was taken outdoors or indoors. Images can also be automatically cropped to predefined formats, always keeping the dominant object in focus.
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Your benefits of
Amendo AI software:

  • Object recognition enables automatic tagging and routing of images
  • Eliminate repro bottlenecks
  • Shorter delivery times due to shorter processing times
  • Export images for different purposes (e.g. print / digital)
  • Significant improvements in optimization quality based on AI analysis results
  • Exclusion of images based on object recognition (e.g. no people, no ground vehicles, etc.)
  • Cost savings while maintaining high image quality
  • Integration into your existing system landscape
  • Significantly higher productivity and efficiency gains
  • Increase in customer satisfaction & loyalty

with AI

Recognition and optimization of faces and persons

The AI image processing software recognizes objects according to different object classes, besides people also vehicles, animals, furnishings and many more.

The object recognition of persons and faces is independent of the depicted size as well as of the depicted body posture (e.g. head jump). In addition to recognition, artificial intelligence also analyzes skin tones and faces and intelligently and automatically adjusts their optimization. The quality of the skin tone optimization is thus significantly increased. See for yourself or test the image processing software:


Intelligent content-based cropping of images

  • Images are automatically optimized for all your media channels: multi-channel automation
    Intelligent image cropping prepares your images for all required formats (magazines, newspapers, e-paper, website, social media channels, etc.)
  • Reliably meet editorial deadlines
  • 93% Time saving per image: 3 seconds automatically instead of 45 seconds manually per image (on average)


Pixelate: Achieve your safety goals

Use object detection also to save privacy and personal rights

  • detection of persons/faces to make them automatically unrecognizable
  • detection of vehicle license plates to make them securely and automatically unrecognizable (with the upcoming Software Release 24.1)


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Automated image processing – Amendo customers worldwide

Many customers worldwide achieve more productivity in their image processing workflow through automated image optimization.

”The quality of incoming images often leaves much to be desired. Amendo really reduces the processing: Within seconds, the files are brought to a level of quality that never ceases to amaze us.”

Thomas Ovelgönne, Prepress Manager Druckhaus Waiblingen

Why to use our image processing automation software for your process?

Amendo brings numerous benefits to your imaging workflow. Here is an overview of the five most important ones:

  • Time savings: In just seconds, Amendo produces results that take graphic designers several minutes to achieve through costly manual labor
  • Cost control: Amendo's initial and maintenance costs are far below the cost per page charged by third-party repro houses
  • Productivity: Amendo processes images automatically 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Consistent image quality: Amendo delivers consistently high image quality and is customizable to match the color and output requirements of your media
  • Control over the image workflow: No need to send images off-site, no more waiting times and correction loops


Our technology and integration partners

Only with smooth workflows publishers can produce efficiently and economically. Seamless interaction between these systems is the key. As modular software, the OneVision software can be connected to any system using structured data exchange.

  • alfa
  • Atex
  • Stibo DX (CCI)
  • Eidos
  • Funkinform
  • HUP
  • MediaDialog
  • NewsNT
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  • and many more