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Fully automated quality control for print files — Trust in the automation of your prepress stage!

Asura® offers you fully automated quality control for print files at the prepress stage with subsequent optimization of the PDF files. Error identification and correction – automatically, as part of your workflow! Time saving and better quality: Exploit the cost saving potential in your prepress production to its full extent by using Asura. With Asura, you will reliably adhere to your printing deadlines, avoid customer complaints, and reprinting.

Icons-The benefits of using Asura

With Asura, the pre-flight software, you can generate all your printing data, fully automated, in Adobe Standard and ensure that printing goes smoothly. Incoming files like ads, articles, or any other PDF print job will be imported automatically, checked for errors such as low-resolution images, hairlines, or transparencies via Asura’s pre-flight module, and corrected and optimized for printing as needed using the comprehensive correction module. Asura’s “digital data washing machine” does not just identify errors; it also corrects and normalizes errors, or in other words, processes PDFs according to current standards so that the processed print data is error-free and can be printed without a problem.

Linking Asura to the Workflow Management System Workspace allows all work processes to be displayed at the pre-press stage through the software. Workflows are easy to set up with drag & drop. Functions like automatic file collecting from hot folders, e-mail attachments, or FTPs, and controlling jobs through job tickets, make for a highly automated workflow. This allows the Asura pre-press software to run fully independently and around the clock, without needing your attention, but makes a huge difference in your production!

Quote from a Asura customer about the benefits of the product

Application: Asura resolves the usual work steps automatically during pre-press with these features

  • Customers transfer their printing data via e-mail or by using the Upload to Your FTP Server function.
  • Workspace downloads the file automatically from the e-mail or FTP, and sends the file on to Asura’s pre-flight module. There, the data will be checked for errors. An error report will be generated upon request.
  • If errors are identified, they will be automatically corrected in several successively occurring modules:

    • The “Create PDF module” breaks down the PDF into individual components (image, text, logo files, etc.), performs basic optimization, and puts the PDF back together, just like Adobe Standard.
    • The Color Management function defines settings for color input calibration and overprinting.
    • Transparencies will be removed.
    • Data normalization: The data will all be processed according to a standard that enables PDF compatibility with the printing environment, and allows the PDF to be seamlessly interpreted and processed by all other software and printing devices in the workflow. The result is smooth production, with nothing in its way.

  • Print PDFs can be processed with speed and ease via additional modules such as “Cut double-page,” “Split multi-page,” and “Change page format.”

The high degree of automation makes the entire production process during pre-press faster, saves  manual interventions, and thus saves precious time.

ROI & Benefits: How our customers benefit from utilizing Asura

  • Avoid printing errors, customer complaints, and reprints: Thanks to the automatic data check on incoming jobs, Asura proactively draws attention to errors in files and corrects them as desired by the user. The software brings your data to a new level of quality by optimizing your printing files. Imperfect printing data is a thing of the past. No more misprints.
  • You will not just save money, you will be able to implement and use resources more precisely by streamlining the layout of your pre-press stage. Installing the pre-press software drastically reduces the need for manual intervention during data correction.
  • Time-saving printing: The high degree of automatization allows for reduced waiting periods during pre-press. Printing service providers can accept and execute extra print jobs.
  • Higher machine utilization: What if the quantity of your jobs increases, but the number of units and volumes go down? Then you can accelerate the work steps in the pre-press stage significantly with Asura’s high level of automatization, and streamline processing times at the end.
  • Flexibility for your printing workflows: You can adjust and automate your production processes at any time thanks to Asura’s Workspace connection. Workflows are quick and easy to create with drag & drop. Incoming print jobs will be sent automatically through the processing steps.
  • Adapts to your production requirements thanks to Asura pre-press software’s modular setup
  • Easy to operate: The user interface is very user-friendly and clearly designed. No knowledge of IT or programming required. The pre-press software is well-structured, sturdy, and dependable. You don’t have to invest extra time on maintenance or reporting.
  • Security and reliability for your printing: With our 20+ years of experience in the printing industry and publishing, as well as close exchange with our worldwide network of over 3,000 customers, we’ve developed steady software programs with a high degree of automatization that you can rely on.
  • OneVision Support: Make a maintenance contract and you will enjoy all the benefits of OneVision support: OneVision helpdesk, regular software updates, plus regular free user training and webinars. Our helpdesk team is ready to offer you fast and competent solutions with their wide reachability and individual points of contact.

Technical highlights: Which features does Asura® offer?

Asura modules:

Icon-'Flatten transparencies' moduleFlatten transparenciesRemoves transparency from a PDF-file
Icon-'Normalize' moduleNormalizeAllows to adjust the files to your production environment
Icon-'Preflight' modulePreflightPerforms detailed checks on file quality
Icon-'Color Management' moduleColor ManagementDefines input color calibration and overprint settings
Icon-'Create PDF' moduleCreate PDFConverts all supported formats into PDF, performs some basic optimizations 
Icon-'Split Multi-page Documents' moduleSplit Multi-page Documents Splits a multi-page document into multiple documents
Icon-'Cut Spreads' moduleCut SpreadsCuts spreads horizontally or vertically
Icon-'Modify Page Format' moduleModify Page FormatAllows various modifications of page size
Unify Color NamesUnifies the names of process and spot colors, especially PANTONE colors
Icon-'Prepare Sheet' modulePrepare SheetDefines sheet properties such as paper size and output orientation, and the print     
marks to be added
Icon-'Solvero Approval' moduleSolvero ApprovalSend load data for the manual assessment/revision/approval to Solvero
Icon-'Detect URLs' moduleDetect URLs Parses all text of input files for strings that may constitute URLs and inserts
corresponding link annotations
Icon-'Trim White Space' moduleTrim White SpaceTrims pages depending on page contents
Icon-'Convert to Image and EPS' moduleConvert to Image and EPS   Convert documents to image files and EPS files
Icon-'Merge Documents' moduleMerge DocumentsMerges multiple documents into one document
Icon-'Place Watermarks' modulePlace WatermarkPlaces a watermark on the job files
Icon-'Print Documents' modulePrint DocumentsPrints to any installed Postscript printer
Icon-'Compare Documents' moduleCompare DocumentsCreates a different image of two versions of a document to identify deviations, or     
calculates the amount of ink saved after having applied Inksave
Icon-'Prompt PDF' modulePrompt PDFCreates PDF files optimized for fast screen rendering
Icon-'Overlay Pages' moduleOverlay PagesOverlays the pages of two documents
Icon-'Create Preview Images' moduleCreate Preview ImagesCreates a preview image in PNG format for each document page
Find BarcodesChecks single-page documents for presence of barcodes.
The following barcode types will be detected: EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC-A, Code 39, Code 128, ISBN 13, ITF (Interleaved 2 of 5) and QR.
Extract ImagesExtracts images from PDF file

4D Color Management: The 4D Color Management technology allows seamless integration of new standard color profiles in commercial or newspaper printing, and retains black composition during color space conversation. This means you can avoid register problems and minimize complaints.

Support for all relevant barcode types: This not only gives customers the option to print a custom barcode on each side of their printed product, for example If they want to designate an exact position on every page of a finished magazine, but it also allows the barcodes to be inspected automatically. Asura not only detects barcodes automatically in this process, it can also read barcode values and assign the respective barcode type. Relevant data will be recorded in doing so.

Examples of Asura modules:

Asura module "Compare documents"
Asura module "Compare documents"
Asura module "Overlay Documents"
Asura module "Overlay Documents"
Asura module "Prompt PDF"
Asura module "Prompt PDF"
Asura module "Solvero Approval"

Versions & Modules: Asura® Access, Asura®, Asura® Pro

According to your individual requirements, we offer the right software solution for your pre-press.

Asura AccessAsuraAsura Pro
Icon-'Flatten transparencies' module Flatten transparencies    OneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Normalize' moduleNormalize  OneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Preflight' modulePreflightOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Color Management' moduleColor ManagementOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Create PDF' moduleCreate PDFOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Split Multi-page Documents' moduleSplit Multi-page Documents OneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Cut Spreads' moduleCut SpreadsOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Modify Page Format' moduleModify Page FormatOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Unify Color NamesOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Prepare Sheet' modulePrepare SheetOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Solvero Approval' moduleSolvero ApprovalOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Detect URLs' moduleDetect URLsOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Trim White Space' moduleTrim White SpaceOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Convert to Image and EPS' moduleConvert to Image and EPS   OneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Merge Documents' moduleMerge DocumentsOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Place Watermarks' modulePlace WatermarkOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Print Documents' modulePrint DocumentsOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Compare Documents' moduleCompare DocumentsOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Prompt PDF' modulePrompt PDFOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Overlay Pages' moduleOverlay PagesOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Create Preview Images' moduleCreate Preview ImagesOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Find BarcodesOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Extract ImagesOneVision check mark - AsuraOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'Job Tickets' moduleJob TicketsOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'PlugRECOMPOSEin' modulePlugRECOMPOSEinOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'PlugCROPin' modulePlugCROPinOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'PlugSPOTin' modulePlugSPOTinOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'PlugFITin' modulePlugFITinOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'PlugFILTERin' modulePlugFILTERinOneVision check mark - Asura
Icon-'PlugTEXTin' modulePlugTEXTinOneVision check mark - Asura

Case Studies: How our customers utilize the prepress software Asura

Ripon Printers

Ripon Printers Logo

“Overall I have been very happy with the OneVision products we have purchased. Asura is fast, effective and powerful.” – Mike Thorson from Ripon Printers about the company’s success story of automating their production workflow

Read about Ripon Printer’s decision to further automate their production workflow by implementing additional OneVision software solutions and the achievements they could gain thereby.
Ripon Printers started its business in 1962 by printing and publishing newspapers. Over the years Ripon Printers have grown into a $50 million a year commercial printer with more than 270 employees. Ripon Printers is headquartered in Wisconsin. From there the company utilizes high-end technologies to provide personal services to catalog marketers and publishers throughout the United States.

In the following, Mike Thorson, Prepress Manager from Ripon Printers, talks about how Ripon Printers expanded the automation level of their production workflow and shows how the company could gain remarkable benefits in the field of efficiency, quality as well as cost reduction.

Why have you decided to purchase OneVision’s Asura and the worfklow solutions Workspace Pro and Workspace Balance? Which expectations did you have towards the softwares?
We purchased OneVision Speedflow Check and Speedflow Edit many years ago. Since then we have updated to OneVision Asura to gain some of the additional automated fixes it offered. Since then, we have added Workspace Pro and Workspace Balance to again take advantage of more automation, the ability to string together modules and to increase throughput. We are currently putting through an average of 5,000 pages per week with a peak of over 11,000. As for expectations, we purchased it to preflight and automatically fix common issues with PDF files.

How do Asura, Workspace Pro and Workspace Balance fulfil these expectations?
It works very well. It’s fast and effective.

Could you please also describe how Asura, Workspace Pro and Workspace Balance are working in your specific production environment?
Asura sits in front of Prinergy workflow to clean up and preflight incoming PDF files. Once through Asura, we rarely have issues with Prinergy.

Was it difficult to implement OneVision products in your existing processes and system landscape?
From a “working together” with our workflow, it was very easy. We had some basic profiles working within the first couple of days. That said, it does take a while to develop an understanding of all of the options. There are literally hundreds of choices you can make when setting up a workflow. However, once you get started, it builds upon itself and becomes easier and quicker to create new processes.

How do Asura, Workspace Pro and Workspace Balance facilitate your work?
By doing virtually all of the preflight and many of the common fixes automatically, it allows us to focus on RIPing, trapping and imposing files. We have been able to continue to grow as a company while reducing needed staff in prepress.

Did the fact that you were already using OneVision products influence your decision to buy Workspace Pro and Workspace Balance? And if so, how did it influence your decision?
Yes. The Speedflow products worked so well, we didn’t have to question the reliability of the software or the ability for it to get a lot of work through quickly. We had faith in OneVision (the company) to understand what we were looking to do and when they had a product to meet the need, we trusted it would meet the need. It did.

How satisfied are you with the support of OneVision?
I have been very satisfied. Honestly we do not need support that often other than for software upgrades but when we do, they are there and get us an answer. Occasionally we send them problematic files and they have pretty much always been able to give us a way to work with whatever we have been sent.

What would you tell your colleagues from other commercial printing companies if they asked you about your experiences with OneVision and its products?
Overall I have been very happy with the OneVision products we have purchased. Asura is fast, effective and powerful. When we initially purchased OneVision Speedflow Check and Edit software in 2005, one of my employees asked “Why would we waste so much money on a piece of software?” After using OneVision Speedflow Check and Edit for approximately one year, the same employee declared “This is the best software we have ever purchased”.

PDF version for download

Sutter Telefonbuchverlag GmbH

Sutter Telefonbuchverlag Logo

Production and quality all in one

„We have been using Asura to implement automated PDF workflows to the complete satisfaction of our customers since 2006. Both in the conversion of customer to production files and in cross media publishing as well as in sending ready-to-print files to printing companies, Asura makes us efficient as well as flexible. In addition, we can continue optimising future developments in line with future demands“, explain Jochen Krause and André Sliwian. Both administrate Asura® for Sutter Telefonbuchverlag GmbH, one of Germany‘s leading publishing houses for directory media.

Sutter Telefonbuchverlag GmbH was founded in 1927 and today with its headquarters in Essen and branch offices in Stuttgart, Detmold and Potsdam has become Germany‘s largest publisher of telephone and industry directory media. Together with Telekom subsidiary DeTeMedien GmbH, the publishing group publishes a total of 121 print editions with around 85,000 ads a year for Das Telefonbuch, Das Örtliche, Gelbe Seiten and Gelbe Seiten regionally. In its publishing regions, the company is also responsible for the highly-frequented online editions of the communication directories. In doing so, Sutter Telefonbuchverlag GmbH permits small and medium-sized companies in particular to position advertising across all media and with wide coverage.

Higher quality thanks to more efficient processing
In recent years, a consistent digital workflow has been implemented step by step on the basis of analogue worksteps. As part of this holistic process digitisation, it was natural for the company to look for a standardised software solution for data optimisation for its production. „As Asura has already been in use since 2006 in advert typesetting for external data processing and advert optimisation, the decision to process data checking and optimisation of the entire production process (creating adverts and pages) using Asura was not a difficult one. In this way, we can virtually exclude returns due to adverts containing technical errors“, explains Harry Koch, Head of Advert Creation at Sutter Telefonbuchverlag GmbH. ”This allows us to not only improve reliability in processing jobs, but also to utilise resources that have become available at the same time. This allows us to concentrate more on our core task of delivering to customers the optimal support for their print and online listings when it comes to design.“

Prepared for progress
Just over a year ago was the eagerly anticipated changeover to version 12. „The complete change of the system architecture through to the promising modular design made it possible to depict the existing workflow with precision and to exclude redundant worksteps. The production lines currently in use also allow additional sub-processes to be processed in an automated way through new features“. That is how André Sliwian and Jochen Krause describe the current status following the version changeover. „The modular design offers plenty of scope for technical creativity to flow. This is why we are looking to the future with optimism so that we continue to be up to meet future technical requirements.“

PDF version for download

What our customers say about Asura®

Financial Times logo

Peter Slaughter, Advertisement, Production and Operations Director, Financial Times:
"The extremely secure system significantly reduces administration time and error rates. This enables you to supply your files in a fast and efficient way."

DuMont Mediengruppe Logo

Götz Fahlke, Application Consultant Prepress, DuMont Mediengruppe:
"The 4D color space conversion enables us to further increase the printing quality by avoiding black components in chromatic colors and to simultaneously optimize and simplify the workflow."

Druckhaus Waiblingen Logo

Thomas Ovelgönne, Head of Prepress, Druckhaus Waiblingen:
“The new 4D color management technology makes color space conversions and language changing much easier and safer. Black components are retained in color space conversions – even when flattening transparencies. Language changes are no longer an issue, even for documents in the wrong color spaces! Using this technology has meant that we are well-prepared for the upcoming PSO conversion and the associated color space adjustments.”

Sutter Telefonbuchverlag logo

Bernhard Lüders, CEO, Sutter Telefonbuchverlag GmbH:
"Asura is a key component in implementing a consistent, digital workflow: We use Asura for typesetting ads, checking data and optimizing the entire production run.“

Sin Chew Daily logo

Sin Chew:
"With the use of Asura preflighting, we are able to visualise final print results and rectify contents integrity issues leading to advertisement rejection. We have successfully reduced the overall advertisement rejection rate to a sustainable level."


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