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Commercial Print Automation Suite automates your print production workflows from file income to the RIP

The Commercial Print Automation Suite is OneVision's comprehensive software solution for commercial and in-house printers, web to printers and direct mailers.

The software suite consists of 4 core elements:

  • The integration to the web shop or MIS and to the RIP
  • A flexible Workflow Management System to flexibly manage, automate and control your processes
  • A comprehensive prepress automation package
  • Automation tools for embellishment and finishing preparation

The Commercial Print Automation Suite:

  • Preflights automatically and fixes the issues found and documented in the preflight report automatically according to the parameters given in the job ticket
  • Reduces the complexity of your files by flattening transparencies and reducing the number of vector points
  • Optimizes the print quality of your files
  • Normalizes the files according to the ICC profile of your print machine
  • Takes load off your RIP
  • Prepares files for embellishment and finishing
  • Makes personalization easy through VDP

When we initially purchased OneVisions software solutions, one of my employees asked “Why would we waste so much money on a piece of software?” After using the software for approximately one year, the same employee declared “This is the best software we have ever purchased.”

Mike Thorson, Prepress Manager from Ripon Printers

The Commercial Print Automation Suite offers:

Flexible, fully or semi-automated (as required) workflow management system for controlling and automating your production steps
Trapping: Fully automatic quality control of print data during prepress and subsequent optimization of print data including preflight, converting complex pages into images, flattening transparencies, file normalization, etc. -> for error-free, print-ready files and trouble-free printing

Split and merge: Split documents to single pages or merge pages to one document

Additional layer to the original file is generated, which allows the customer to validate the trapping result as needed and to make manual adjustments

Automatic imposition: Automatic selection and adjustment of imposition templates based on the PDF page format

Trim white space: trims pages depending on page content

Automatic artwork trimming to the cutting die: time-consuming manual trimming of the artwork in a separate editor is no longer necessary

Automatic creation of varnish and white masks: preparation for the embellishment process with specially tailored data

Generate bleed – intelligently adds the bleed automatically: The "Generate bleed" function adds the missing bleed using a PDF bleed frame or a freely designed cutting die

Variable data printing: for automatic positioning of individual, personalized texts and images in PDF templates

How the Commercial Print Automation Suite system works

  • Workflow Manager: Easy and intelligent workflow that can be connected to any third-party systems. This allows you to seamlessly integrate web shops, MIS or finishing systems into the workflow management system. The user-friendly user interface enables the creation of individual and flexible workflows through intuitive drag & drop. Structured order phases and real-time tracking of orders provide a clear overview of individual production lines and the entire production process.
  • Automated prepress: Error files repeatedly enter the production process. Identifying and checking them at an early stage is still a challenge, as the resulting production interruptions cause avoidable costs. The Commercial Automation Suite prepress package includes all important tools to identify file problems, automatically repair typical errors, match the color of the file to the required output profile, reliably flatten transparencies and normalize files (= files are generated according to your specific printing requirements and are ISO standard compliant to ensure compatibility with other hardware and software).
  • Generate bleed: Missing bleed is no problem with the Commercial Automation Suite. The software recognizes the edges of the artwork and automatically adds the trim box, the missing bleed in the desired size and, if required, crop marks.
  • Generate masks: Often varnish masks or white masks are applied incorrectly or are completely missing. Specially designed modules of the Commercial Automation Suite add to these masks or correct existing ones to your required settings.
  • Automatic imposition: Automatic imposition automatically places optimized print data into customizable imposition templates. In addition, barcodes, sheet information such as marks etc. can be positioned on the printout.

There is nothing to keep printing from running smoothly. The Commercial Automation Suite can be connected to all RIPs and DFEs and supplies the finishing and embellishment machines with the necessary files.

Technical Highlights

Trimming to Cutting Die

With Trim to Cutting Die:

Automatically trims the artwork to the die-cutting line

No manual intervention required in an external editor

Creating Varnish Masks and White Masks

With Creation of Varnish & Withe Masks:

Creates a varnish mask for printing with varnish

Creates a white mask, e.g. when printing on transparent substrates

Cut lines or white masks can thus be removed for printing and at the same time created for a separate file using only the spot colors for further processing, e.g. by the cutter

Generate Bleed

With Generate Bleed:

Adds missing bleed with the PDF trim box or a freely designed cutting die


With Trapping:

Bordering color areas are slightly enlarged (trapped) on a separate layer to prevent thin white lines at the color boundaries during multicolor printing

The trapping result can be manually checked again by the separate level



Preparing the sheet for printing

With Preparing sheet:

Places print marks such as cut and register marks as well as specially configured marks on the print sheet

Positions sheet information on the prints

Places barcodes on the sheet


With Barcodes:

Documents are checked for existing barcodes

Barcode values can be assigned to the respective barcode type, allowing barcode-based workflows to be executed automatically

Barcodes can be placed both inside and outside the print area

Variable Data Printing

With Variable Data Printing:

Variable data such as addresses, graphics or images are inserted in a PDF template

The resulting PDF files can be generated either manually or automatically

Preflight: Detailed analysis on file quality

Asura module Preflight

With Preflight:

Preflight report: All file errors are visualized as an extra file
More than 130 different errors can be discovered automatically
File issues are identified right away -> for immediate repairing
Preflight results are used for workflow control

Flatten Transparencies: Removes transparency from a PDF-file

Image flatten transparencies

With Flatten Transparencies:

Recalculation and restructuring of elements
Original appearance of image remains
Ideal file optimization for printing

Benefits with flatten transparencies
Shorter RIP times due to
• Less complex files
• Less data volume as invisible elements are removed
Errorless printing
No occurrence of color issues during the RIP

4D-Color-Management: For significant print quality improvements

Asura module 4D Color Management

With 4D-Color-Management:

Preserves CMYK black
Higher printing quality – less customer complaints

Case Study: Paragon Customer Communications

„OneVision offers us professional and well-engineered software to automate and optimize our daily work in prepress.“

Dialog marketing specialist Paragon Customer Communications Schwandorf GmbH explains how the automation software Asura has significantly reduced the error rate for print jobs and optimized print quality, especially in the inkjet sector.

Every print service provider is challenged on a daily basis to complete a wide variety of print jobs as quickly as possible and in the best possible quality, always depending on the publication requirements. But what is the best way to do this? Andreas Mann, Prepress Manager of Paragon Customer Communications Schwandorf GmbH, shows how the implementation of personalized and individualized print campaigns goes hand in hand with a fully automated prepress process and which successes are achieved in terms of reliability, efficiency and print quality. The dialogue marketing specialist is part of Paragon Group Limited and, with around 1,300 employees in six countries, it is one of the leading companies for individualized customer communication in Europe. The company supports retail customers across all industries, such as Payback, dm, T-Mobile and the Otto Group, in the implementation of marketing campaigns. In addition to comprehensive concept consulting, address and data management, the print service provider also creates a wide variety of print products for its customers, such as printed mailings in the form of cross folder direct mailings, pop-up self-mailers, bulk mail (mass print products), magazines and much more.

Mr. Mann, what printing processes and machines are used by Paragon Customer Communications?

For the creation of our print products we rely on sheet-fed and digital web printing as well as web offset printing. Our machinery consists of various offset and digital printing machines such as the HP Indigo, the Prosper Press from Kodak and the Rotoman from MAN Roland. In addition, we use more than 100 high-speed inkjet printing systems and finishing machines for finishing our print products.

What is your average order volume per year?

In web-fed printing alone, we have around 1,000 orders a year with over 3,000 versions. The number is even higher in digital printing.

Why did you decide to purchase OneVision solutions? What did you expect from the new technology?

We grew up with OneVision and have been using the software for years. The first products we had from OneVision were the prepress software Asura and the PDF editor Solvero. Since Asura was linked to the Workspace workflow management system, the production lines can be more versatile and many individual steps can be automated. This increases our efficiency and guarantees production reliability. We especially appreciate the versatile application possibilities and the modular construction in Workspace.

Please describe your workflow. Which software and systems are you using, where are OneVision products embedded in your workflow?

We use the OneVision solutions in two departments of Paragon Customer Communications Schwandorf GmbH. The main area of application is in prepress. Here, all data is checked and optimized with the Asura prepress package. The Layout Programming department uses the software to automatically embed watermarks – depending on file names – in PDFs. For error-free variable data printing, the position (x,y) of special texts in documents is determined according to certain criteria. With Asura's "Compare Documents" module we can easily compare documents (pdf, xml) and generate a test report. The data is then forwarded to our Apogee workflow system.

To what extent do OneVision software solutions meet your expectations?

OneVision's software solutions meet our expectations. In case of problems or special tasks we get a solution quickly via the support.

Was it difficult to introduce OneVision software into your existing processes and system landscape?

Since the software can also be used autonomously, the introduction was very unproblematic. Depending on the area of application, we have integrated the automatisms into the workflow or let them work independently.

How do you assess your print quality through the use of OneVision technologies?

The error rate for print jobs has been significantly reduced, while print quality – especially in the inkjet sector – is being optimized.

How satisfied are you with OneVision's support?

We are very satisfied with OneVision's support. We can always rely on fast and competent help.

What would you tell your colleagues from other printers if they asked about your experiences with OneVision and the products?

OneVision offers a good, professional and mature software solution to automate and optimize the daily work processes for creating print products. Depending on the individual requirements, each print shop can select the appropriate modules for itself and thus implement an optimal printing process.

You can download the complete case study HERE

Production process with OneVision Commercial Print Automation Suite: