PRINTelligence Podcast: Same day delivery in print: automation will make it work for you and your customers

"We've been dealing with time pressure for more than 25 years. There was no way that the newspaper print run got postponed. Automating print service providers' workflows is OneVision's core competence."

Greg Cholmondeley, President of Printelligence Consulting, and Jasmin Khalil, Head of Marketing at OneVision Software, about why automation in print is so important and how it can work. The blog author and the marketing specialist met at the EFI Connect conference 2019. Jasmin Khalil explains the transition of  OneVision's from a key supplier for newspaper printers to a company offering prepress and workflow solutions to commercial, wide format, book and label printers. Listen for yourself ...

Who is the best contact person at OneVision?

If you are already a OneVision customer and want to get more out of your software, then contact trainer(at)

If you do not yet have OneVision software in use, please contact sales.ce(at)

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