Print file preparation

The Top 10 Reasons why print file preparation needs to be automated

The parameters in the print industry have changed:
The volumes in the print industry have leveled out and we’ve been doing steady over the best 10 years. With the print-runs getting shorter and shorter that means that the number of jobs are increasing in order to achieve the same overall volume.


1) The end customer expects low prices and fast delivery times for print products
If orders have to be processed manually, this is time-consuming and the profit margin is lost. Thanks to automated print file preparation, redudant activities are eliminated, permanently

2) Printing and finishing machines are becoming faster and faster
This creates a bottleneck in prepress. With the increasing number of jobs and the declining quality of incoming files, prepress staff are under constant pressure. Hiring additional staff or managing peak workloads with temporary workers is a costly undertaking.

3) In addition, wages are rising

4) The number of printing companies is declining – competitive pressure is high
Those print companies that supply their customers with high-quality print products within a few hours and at the same time secure their margins through a high level of automation are one step ahead of the competition, consolidate their market position and increase their profitability.

Automation expert OneVision

Our automation solutions are not off-the-shelf – after all, neither are your requirements. That is why we first define together with you which processes are already in place, where there is a need for optimization and how new processes can be implemented with OneVision software solutions.


5) Speed
Shorter production times ensure shorter delivery times. Your customers will have an appreciation for short delivery times.

6) High-speed machines in press and postpress
paired with a manual work force in prepress?
Automating print file preparation will maximize the ROI of your equipment! If press doesn’t need to wait for pre-press to get the files print-ready, machine utilization will increase.

7) This at the same time means then: more revenue!
Shorter production and turnaround times give print business the chance to get more jobs done. More volume can be built through web-to-print for example.

8) Decrease costs
Due to rule-based automation and the parameters of each print job, files get prepared automatically – reducing errors, misprinting and reprintings.

9) Excel in customer service
Free up your staff to consult and delight customers in order to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

10) Change your production KPIs for the better
Automating your file workflow and your print file preparation helps you to score points in many ways. It’ll

  • shorten production times /decrease time spent per print job
  • increase job throughput
  • maximize press utilization
  • optimize print file quality
  • and much more...