Graphiline publishes Edubook succes story

Thanks to OneVision software, Edubook is able to increase its orders by 50%, as shown by a field report published in Graphiline magazine.

OneVision's software solved two major bottleneck issues for the short-run book and magazine printer: processing incoming customer files and managing orders on the sheet-fed and rotary presses.

To meet the demand for ever shorter delivery times, Swiss digital printer Edubook has decided to automate part of its production in 2019. The 20-employee company specializing in short-run educational books turned to German software company OneVision Software to install the Book Automation Suite.

This software suite from OneVision comes into play after order entry, and handles PDF verification, file imposition, but also printing and finishing.

"The biggest problem was the files we received: they often did not have the right quality for printing. With the OneVision solution, we can easily check these files," explains André Biéri, Edubook's projects and processes manager. Missing fonts or >bleeds, for example, are automatically added. "If we were still doing these file checks and corrections manually, we would need 10 employees. Today, one person oversees this entire process."

The other issue was automating the transfer of files to the right machine. In addition to digital sheet-fed presses from Ricoh, inkjet rotary presses from Canon, Edubook is equipped with finishing and finishing equipment from Tecnau and Hunkeler. In addition, Edubook receives orders via its online store, manual salesperson entry, and print portal where the customer orders predefined items.

With OneVision, these print files arriving from three different inputs are transferred directly to the Book Automation Suite system where they are checked and imposed. A barcode (datamatrix) containing all the information needed for production, such as production number, page number, print run and format, is integrated into each print, cover and interior of the books and magazines. The individual machines are adjusted according to this information. OneVision checks whether the right cover is paired with the right content, whether the number of pages and the print run match the order.

"As a result of using OneVision and all the automation that Edubook has done over the past few years, we have been able to increase our order intake," says Sergio Nobile, Edubook's general manager. As a result, the printer has increased its order volume by 50 percent without changing its workforce.

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