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Wallpaper printing

Faster production processes: Digital printing software for wallpaper

From 3 days to 2.5 hours: How does the turnaround time per job become more efficient?

From traditional screen printing to individual digital printing of wallpaper – this change is currently being made by many print service providers, including a large European wallpaper manufacturer (the print service provider wishes to remain anonymous in order not to jeopardize its market advantage). To automate its production workflow with suitable digital printing software, the wallpaper manufacturer chose OneVision as its partner.

The OneVision Highlights

Digital printing software for wallpaper – a combination that is still relatively new, but offers many possibilities. To make the production profitable, avoid high inventory, and minimize manual steps, OneVision's Wide Format Automation Suite as digital printing software offers a solution with many advantages: 

  • Higher margins through a smooth workflow
  • Error-free production thanks to automated print file preparation
  • Relief for the RIP, e.g. by reducing the file size
  • Flexible calculation of sheet widths
  • Better production planning thanks to intelligent production lines

details you
should know:

60 % savings in storage capacity

Demand-driven production of digitally printed wallpapers eliminates the need for expensive storage space and thus saves costs in the long term.
More details about process automation

Label with wallpaper information

For each order and each wallpaper strip, the Wide Format Automation Suite automatically generates a label containing order-specific information such as article and production number, necessary wallpaper symbols, barcodes or thumbnails of the motif.

Smart preparation for printing

Patterns / panels are intelligently arranged as a web by the digital printing software to allow fully automated production and cutting.

Simplified workflow, integration to existing systems

A direct connection of the OneVision software to the data input as well as all downstream systems creates a smooth end-to-end workflow. By implementing the Wide Format Automation Suite, the wallpaper manufacturer was able to successfully move away from the previous analogue workflow with paper job bag and now benefits from significantly more efficiency and profitability.
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