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Image automation enables time and cost savings

Reduced costs, decreased production times – How can this be achieved with insourcing and automation? This was the question posed by the German publishing house Konradin. With about 300 employees, the company produces and publishes a wide range of specialist and knowledge magazines, including the corresponding online portals. On average, the publishing house processes about 40,000 images per year. By insourcing the image processing and its automation, the costs for magazine production could be reduced and the process times significantly shortened.

More efficiency through automated processes

Konradin benefits from the image automation:

  • Individual image processing
  • Automation with manual intervention
  • Comprehensive control
  • Scalability and flexibility

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Individual image automation and image processing

The software enables individual processing of each image. This is done using job properties and image analysis. In this way, the images are processed individually.

Automation with manual intervention

Depending on requirements, checkpoints can be implemented in the workflow that allow manual intervention. This enables the adjustment of workflows without interrupting the processing.

Comprehensive control

Insourcing enables complete overview and control of image processing. This saves time in communication and enables flexible reactions and adaptability.

Scalability and flexibility

The modular structure of the software allows individual configuration and scaling according to the respective requirements. Shortterm changes, extensions or adaptations are possible at any time.

Challenges become strengths

  • Seamless integration
    The direct connection of the software to the existing editorial system enables efficient automation of the image optimization workflow.
  • Smooth processes
    The fully automated workflow replaces time-consuming manual work and guarantees high-quality results.
  • Significant time savings
    Thanks to the automated processes, image processing times have been significantly reduced. Even peak times can be handled without any problems.
  • Independence from external resources
    Insourcing eliminates the high costs of external image optimization. The return on investment proves this economic success.


Advantages through digitized, automated processes

  • Optimized and (print-)ready images within a few seconds.
  • Individual processing of images, according to defined processing steps.
  • Short-term workflow changes can be handled flexibly in-house without interrupting processing.

Due to the significantly increased quality of automated image processing, manual interventions are reduced to a minimum.
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All data remains in-house and is processed on the company‘s own servers.
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