Aura Brand

Automated processes prove optimized production times

AURA Brand Solutions is one of Europe’s leading commercial and visual communications companies. The company was founded in 1927 and has about 150 employees.

Its main business is the production of wide format prints and the installation of large wrap laminates for rail and fleet vehicles. AURA’s production includes more than 7,000 custom products manufactured in-house per year and the processing of more than 600,000 m² of self-adhesive films and print media annually. The print service provider works with HP and EFI printers and uses various Zünd cutters.

Challenges for Aura Brand Solutions:

  • Preparation of production files required significant resources
  • Huge file sizes slow down the production – e.g. a single output panel was 1.2 GB or larger
  • Processing of the production files had the potential for error due to repetitive manual intervention
  • High costs due to substrate not being used to full capacity – time consuming manual nesting
  • Needed to speed up the processes to increase efficiency and capacity

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Successful digitalization and automation of workflow processes

With OneVision’s Wide Format Automation Suite Aura Brand Solutions has started to digitize and automate successfully their various workflow processes. Due to the complexity of some of their workflows they have a semi-automated approach to enable user intervention to control specifics based on substrates and different finish requirements. Automated print file processing enables an error-free production.

In addition, the automatic extraction of panels from the PDF and conversion to the required production size and optimized resolution speeds up all processes. With regards to substrate use, they have improved sustainability and economy through better material yield thanks to OneVision’s nesting and cut line management technology.

As part of an addition to the workflow, printed work can now be QR coded for cutting table operatives to scan, automatically load required cut files to avoid error in manual selection, increase speed of file access.


  • Automated and digitized processes through OneVision’s software solution
  • Automatic extraction of the panels from the PDF
  • Some workflows are semi-automated to enable dynamic user interaction
  • Conversion to the required production size and necessary resolution
  • Intelligent nesting and cut line management technology
  • Export of print-ready single panel files as well as material-saving nestings / ganging forms

“We have improved sustainability and economy through better material yield thanks to OneVision’s technology.”

Stuart Halliday, Studio Manager Aura Brand Solutions


Advantages through digitized, automated processes

  • Up to 80% faster preparation of production files
  • Increased efficiency due to automated file processing
  • Improved sustainability through automated nesting
  • Smooth running end-to-end workflow

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Better connectivity of the software for a complete ent-to-end print integration.
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