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Fully automated image enhancement for maximum efficiency!

Amendo does the basic optimization of your images fully automatically: after the analysis of the individual images, the image-specific optimization takes place. Amendo then scales the images to new dimensions, resolutions or a new number of pixels (including color management and/or format conversions). Amendo does not deliver better quality than Photoshop, but comparable image quality in a fraction of the time. You save valuable time and resources and have full control over consistent image quality. For maximum efficiency and quality in your image processing!

Calculation example >>

Amendo removes color cast, adds color brilliance, improves contrast, optimizes sharpness, adjusts brightness, corrects noisy images – automatically in just a few seconds! Even with the default settings, image degradation is excluded. This means Amendo will improve and not degrade images from the first minute of use, even if not all parameters have been optimally adjusted.

Icons-The benefits of using Amendo for image optimization

                                                OneVision check mark - Amendosave valuable time                                                         OneVision check mark - Amendohigh degree of automation

                                                OneVision check mark - Amendoefficient image enhancement                                         OneVision check mark - Amendoconsistent high quality

With its intelligent image editing solution, Amendo delivers perfect results – in the shortest time possible and to a consistently high standard. 

"A picture says more than 1,000 words." The emotional power of images is undisputed. The better the picture or image, the greater the effect. But what is it that makes one picture or image a better eye-catcher than another? OneVision® has researched the matter and identified contrast, color brilliance, depth, brightness and content as the major influencing factors: for sharp images displaying rich and authentic colors.

We developed Amendo to meet the demand from our large client base in the magazine publishing, publishing and (commercial) printing industries for greater brilliance in images. The software analyses images and makes fully automatic corrections to contrast, focus, depth and content and optimizes sky, skin and vegetation tones. Well known clients all over the world now use this efficient image optimization tool to gain full control over their image production and to cut costs. They achieve not only more efficiency but also deliver a better quality to their readers.

Amendo is successfully integrated with following systems:

  alfa                   HUP
  Atex                  MediaDialog
  CCI                   NewsNT
  Eidos                Protecmedia
  Funkinform       WoodWing  

Your system is not on the list? No problem, we willl set up the interface to the system you are working with.

Return on Investment: More efficieny for your image editing process

Significant time and cost savings

With its intelligent image analyzing Amendo® replaces manual work and optimizes your pictures around the clock to consistently high standards. Thus, you not only save valuable time and costs but also speed up your entire content creation process!

How do you currently manage the topic of picture optimization in your company? Is an entire team of picture editors available to you? Or do you have your pictures optimized by external workers such as lithography or repro studios?

Based on a graphic sample calculation from real life, we show you the different options and costs of picture editing: The following example refers to a publisher who publishes eight magazines a week with a requirement of 2,000 pictures altogether.

Calculation example for your Return on Investment with Amendo

Benefits: Full control, less costs & higher image quality around the clock

Amendo® is created to give magazine publishers and publishers worldwide the opportunity to gain full control over their image production, while cutting costs and achieving not only more efficiency but also deliver a better quality to their readers. Amendo replaces manual work and optimizes around the clock.

OneVision check mark - AmendoConsiderable time and cost savings – With its intelligent automation, Amendo replaces manual work, optimize your images around the clock with fewer resources at consistent image quality

OneVision check mark - AmendoUser-friendly – Depending on your experience with Amendo, you can adjust the settings in the basic mode or in the expert mode. If you have little experience, you should choose the basic mode. It is limited to the most important optimization settings, which simplifies the configuration of Amendo. The basic mode is more than enough to fix most of the quality deficits which occure with images. If you already gained some experiences with Amendo, you can work with the extended setup possibilities of the expert mode, where you can define your optimization settings more detailed for fixing images with specific defects. Amendo also offers the possibility to export your settings in a html-file, which enables you to ease documentation and to have a much better overview of your defined settings. Instead of changing the Amendo settings all by yourself, you also can use one of the the templates (e.g. standard settings for newspaper printing), which are provided by OneVision experts.

OneVision check mark - AmendoCustomized to your world of colors
– Tailored to your needs

OneVision check mark - AmendoHigher standard of quality
– Amendo significantly improves the quality of your images and reproduces to consistently high standards

OneVision check mark - AmendoOngoing further developments
– With our regular updates you can benefit from the latest technology (subject to making a support agreement)

OneVision check mark - AmendoWeb-based administration
– Flexible control and browser management

Highlights: Memory colors – instantly identify and enhance skin, sky and vegetation tones

Amendo icon

Intelligent image optimization – in a few seconds
Import images -> Automatically identify image quality -> Automatically enhance each image individually -> Export images

Memory colors – Instantly identify and enhance skin tones, sky tones and vegetation tones.

Perfect Skin Technology – Automatically optimizes skin tones. Harmonization of different skin tones while preserving individual elements. As a result you establish well balanced skin tones for multiple images.

Automatic Skin Tone Modulation – Amendo's analyzing function detects skin spots, skin redness and/or blemishes and corrects them automatically without alienating individual facial elements.

Brighten eyes – A normally typical manual task in the workflow can now be done automated and leads to faster retouching times as well as consistent high image quality.

Brighten teeth – The brightening of teeth in images often has to be done manually. With the function "brighten teeth" Amendo does this step automatically.

Brighten teeth automatically with Amendo

Rule-based manipulation of any metadata tags – Even in your custom name spaces for optimal workflow support.

Automatic reconciliation of Exif, IPTC and XMP metadata.

"Remove color cast" – Even very strong color casts get removed automatically. The natural colors in the picture are preserved. By combining Amendo with Workspace Pro, this automation can be further enhanced: Both the color scheme and the strength of a color cast are recognized by Amendo Analyze. These values can be used to further process images differently.

Attribute "ImageIsArtifical" – Some types of images like logos, cartoons, screen shots, technical drawings should normally not be processed by Amendo. With the new image detection system these "artificial" images can now be identified and treated separately.

Noise reduction With the new "Noise reduction" function, the image processing software automatically corrects noisy images, usually caused by high ISO rating or poor light. The new "Reduce noise" option reduces noise by smoothing flat areas. Edges are largely retained.

Pre-configured best practice image workflows for an increased level of automation – The "Downloads" tab of the image optimization software Amendo now offers pre-configured best practice workflows for an automatic image workflow for the following sectors: Fashion, Food, Magazine, Real Life, Technology and Yellow Press. These have already been tested at several leading magazine publishers and found to be very good. Amendo processes images in the assembly lines, applying the optimization steps necessary to achieve optimal effects for each magazine style (e.g. authentic, colorful, high-quality, brilliant, etc.).

14 new pre-set assembly lines simplify image enhancement in many times. Typical image production application scenarios, such as the increase of local contrast, the protection of corporate colors or pure change in the image size can be easily implemented automatically via these 14 assembly lines. The assembly lines also include Amendo's intelligent image analysis module, which recognizes portrait photos and selects a different optimization in the next step than for group pictures.

Automatic selection of the color-matching method (rendering intent): Based on brightness values and saturation Amendo selects the exact color-matching method, so that colors can be printed even closer to the original color after conversion from RGB to CMYK. In addition, multitone images, for example, images with sepia colors, can now be optimized in PDF files. “Clear Rendering” is a perception-orientated and improved color adjustment method for the CMYK-output. Some output devices are only able to show warm yellow (yellow with red), but not cold yellow (yellow with blue or green). For this kind of output devices the ICC-profile of our perception-orientated color adjustment method simulates cold yellow by adding cyan. But yellow with amounts of cyan often looks soiled for the human eye, especially in images which are printed with conventional rastering methods. “Clear Rendering” reduces the disruptive amounts of cyan in cold yellow. In warm yellow as well as in every other image areas you can’t recognize any visual difference in comparison to the perception-orientated color adjustment method.

Reduction of artifacts in JPG files – Artifacts created when saving images with high JPG compression are reduced; the image quality is considerably improved.

Reduction of artifacts in JPG files

Photoshop® extension – With the extension Amendo can be connected to Photoshop. Thus, layout artists can retouch the basic optimized images by Amendo directly via the extension.

InDesign® extension – With pre-set assembly lines layout designers can optimize images directly in InDesign without specific IT and image processing skills. OneVision provides pre-configured templates, which allow the layout artist to process images with only two clicks. This enables the designer to directly access images and the overall layout as well as make any changes.

"Amendo working color space“ – can now be selected as destination color space.This makes sense in the case of using several modules one after the other to avoid multiple unnecessary color space conversions.

Amendo Processor – If you want to process images without optimization then Amendo Processor is the right tool for you. It takes over all files where the Amendo optimization is not required, thus speeding up the whole workflow, as it takes load off Amendo. Amendo Processor is scaling images, reducing JPG artifacts, converting images into the required file format, setting image compression and is doing color management (everything except the image optimization).


OneVision® Helpdesk – Our solution-oriented and skilled experts are here to help (subject to making a support agreement).

Versions & Modules: Amendo® & Amendo® Metric

Amendo icon Amendo

Amendo® stands for fully automated image enhancement and fully automated image processing with perfection! By interconnecting Amendo® with Workspace not only the image analysis and the image optimization is done automatically, but also the image processing.

OneVision check mark - AmendoBy interconnecting Amendo® with our workflow management system Workspace image converting and image enhancement are done fully automated

OneVision check mark - AmendoFully automated upload, image analysis, image optimization and formatting

Amendo Metric icon  Amendo Metric

You have an moderate demand of images and Amendo® wouldn't be used to capacity? Then the software as a service modell of Amendo® Metric is the perfect solution for you! There are no initial costs, you only pay a fixed price per image.


OneVision check mark - AmendoNo initial costs - you only pay for your image demand

OneVision check mark - AmendoSoftware as a service - perfect for a demand of more than 3.000 images per year

Which product attributes are offered by the different Amendo versions?

Product attributes

Amendo Metric
Image demand>10.000 p.a.>3.000 p.a.
License modelPay-VersionRental-Version
Workflow management system
Integration of production workflow by workflow management system
Automatic 24/7 image enhancement
Pre-configured assembly lines
Web-based/Cloud ready application
Access to helpdesk and service
Regular software updates
Output format depending on publication
Individual image optimization
Image analysis
Perfect skin technology
Automatic detection and correction of skin tones, sky tones and vegetation tones




The modules of Amendo and Amendo Metric
Icon-'Amendo' moduleAmendoOptimizes image files according to predefined settings.
Icon-'Amendo Analyze' moduleAmendo AnalyzeAnalyzes images and outputs the resulting metadata as file properties. Analyzes images, reads metadata from Exif, XMP and IPTC from images and puts it out as data attributes.
Icon-'Amendo PS Approval' moduleAmendo PS ApprovalAllows external processing of images in Photoshop©. Enables you to edit images externally in Photoshop©. Photoshop-users can compare the original image, the original image with color transformations and the optimized image to each other and are able to make corrections if necessary.
Icon-'Amendo Portrait' moduleAmendo PortraitAmendo Portrait removes parts of an image, to emphasize the face and to create a more harmonious image composition. This module is especially suitable for the creation of individual portraits for yearbooks, soccer albums or catalogues.
Icon-'Amendo PDF Image Extract' moduleAmendo PDF Image ExtractExtracts all images from PDF files for being processed by further modules, e.g. Amendo PS Approval.
Icon-'Amendo PDF Image Inject' moduleAmendo PDF Image InjectInjects images into PDF files. These images must have been extracted before with Amendo PDF Image Extract.
Icon-'Amendo Curves' moduleAmendo CurvesWith Amendo Curves images with a specific color tint can be corrected more easily. Furthermore, channel curves of the source color space from all images (CMYK, RGB and grey scale images) of the formats TIFF, JPEG, Photoshop-PSD, PNG, BMP and Photoshop-EPS can be customized.
Icon-'Amendo Scale' moduleAmendo ProcessorScales images to new dimensions, resolutions or number of pixels or any combination of these parameters (including Color Management and/or image format conversions).
Icon-'Edit metadata' moduleEdit MetadataProcesses metadata properties of job files, i.e. adds, modifies, removes metadata and sorts big image inventories based on specific metadata, what makes it much easier to find specified images.
Icon-'Generate Image Path' moduleGenerate Image PathCreates an image path around recognized objects that could be used as clipping path. It also can be used to trim objects or to wrap them with text.


Optional Functions:

Overlay ImagesOverlays two images as layers.
Merge ImagesMerges the content of two images into a single image while using extra channels as masks.
Extra Jobproperties




The pre-configured assembly lines of Amendo
Amendo Device - QuickstartSimple production line showing how to use Amendo together with Hotfolders. Uses the default settings of the current version for commercial printing for optimization. Standard presets for different output devices can be downloaded from Workspace.
Amendo Analyze - Divide into Color, Gray and already optimized images - WS ProThis assembly line demonstrates how to differentiate between images that are already optimized, grayscale images and color images. This is an extension of the "_Amendo Analyze - Handle unoptimized images only" example. Requires Workspace Pro.
Amendo Analyze - Filter Portrait Images - WS ProThis assembly line demonstrates how Amendo Analyze can be used to optimize portrait images differently from other images. Requires Workspace Pro.
Amendo Analyze - Handle unoptimized images only - WS Pro  This assembly line illustrates how to discriminate between already optimized images and unprocessed images. Requires Workspace Pro.
Amendo Curves - Fix dot gainThis assembly line gives an example of how to use Amendo Curves to account for a dot gain different from the standard.
Amendo Device - Brand ColorsThis assembly line shows a sample use of a brand color for red carpets.
Amendo Device - Increase local contrastThis assembly line shows how to increase local contrast using unsharp masking.
Amendo Device - Using Adobe DNG converterCombines Amendo with Adobes DNG Converter. Adobe DNG Converter can be downloaded from the Adobe website. It is free of charge. In some cases, DNG conversions may produce better results compared to Amendo's native implementation (e.g. if newer cameras are not yet supported by Amendo). To use this assembly line, install Adobe DNG Converter on the Workspace server. Moreover the "SendToDNG_Converter.cmd" script needs to be installed in Workspace's "Scritp" folder (for details see the Workspace manual).
Amendo PDF Image Extract and Inject - PDF ApprovalThis example assembly line shows how to handle image approval for PDF files. Please note that the images within the PDF must not be tiled. Otherwise, each tile needs to be approved separately.
Amendo Portrait - Standard OperationThis assembly line demonstrates the usage Amendo Portrait. Images containing a single dominant face are cropped as specified by the Amendo Portrait module.
Amendo PS Approval - Comparing Multiple ImagesThis assembly line shows how to use an Amendo PS Approval with multiple Amendo modules.
Amendo PS Approval - Standard OperationStandard usage of the Amendo approval tool. This allows to use Amendo PS Approval to approve, improve or reject optimized images using Adobe Photoshop. This assembly line also shows how to extend the image's metadata with the username and comment provided by the Amendo approval tool.
Amendo Processor - Limit Maximum SizeFirstly set image resolution to 200 dpi. Then reduce the image size, if an edge of the resulting image became larger than 2.000 pixels (10" or 25.4cm respectively).
Amendo Processor - Set to Standard ResolutionSets the image resolution to 200 dpi without rescaling.

Benefits of optimizing your images with Amendo

Brighten teeth

Example module brighten teeth

Function "brighten teeth": this step is often manual.

Amendo can automate it

Automated crop to recognized faces

Example module Amendo "Automated cut to face"

With the function "automated crop to recognized faces":

If Amendo identifies a face in an image, the image can be cropped to the face

Adaptive sharpening

With "adaptive sharpening":

Example: A customer has 80 percent of images that require a lot of sharpening. 20 percent are already sharp enough.

• Sharpening would oversharpen these 20 percent, i.e. destroy it
• If the customer reduces sharpening => 80 percent of the images could be sharper, the 20 % are only a little bit broken

With the Amendo checkbox "Detect sharpness" you can

Adaptive sharpening taking into account the existing sharpness
Thus 80 percent are super sharpened and the remaining 20 percent are not broken, since Amendo adapts

Example Amendo module adaptive sharpening

Automated clipping

Example Amendo module clipping path

With "automated clipping": This is very important in the product photo area. Or if you want to place images in InDesign and run text around them, or if you just want to hide the background.

When objects are photographed against a white background, Amendo can automatically generate a clipping path

Brand colors remain untouched

With the "Brand colors remain untouched" function: users can define "brand colors", i.e. LAB values of color values that are not to be changed.

The colors of e.g. company logo or as in this case shirts can be preserved
All color values that are very close to this brand color can be automatically recolored

Example image Amendo feature brand colors

Increase local contrast

Example Amendo module contrast

With "Increase local contrast":

Local contrast increases contrast locally at the edges
More details in the suit
Better overall drawing

Flexible rendering intent

Example flexible rendering Amendo

With the "Flexible Rendering Intent" function: Instead of using a fixed rendering intent, Amendo can automatically calculate and use the best rendering intent per image.

Automatic selection takes into account, among other things, whether the colors in the image fit into the gamut of the target profile or whether they have to be pushed together

Flexible scaling of images

Example image flexible resolution

With "flexible scaling of images": Users can scale by resolution, number of pixels and dimension and any combination of these parameters.

Amendo offers the most universal image scaling available on the market
However, the operation of these functions is very intuitive for users

Also available for Linux

Icon Linux

With "also available for Linux":

It makes no difference to the user whether Amendo runs on Linux or Windows
Linux is free and therefore very popular with admins

Full 64-bit support

Icon 64 bit

With the "consistent 64-bit support":

Amendo allows processing images larger than 4 GB

Process images in PDF

With the "Process images in PDF functionality":  Amendo can also process images in PDF files.

PDF processing is based on self-developed, reliable and mature technology
No third party software needs to be installed or licensed
All images in a PDF can be either processed fully automatic, or can be approved/released individually

Module Process PDF Amendo

Case Studies & Articles

Case Study Daily Mail Group

Lee Terry on the achievements of implementing an automated image enhancement software

Read about Mail Newspapers UK’s success story of gaining full control over their image enhancement and image processing. Mail Newspapers is one of the leading national newspapers, magazine and online publishers in the United Kingdom and part of the DMGT Group. Mail Newspapers is responsible for the publication of the “Daily Mail”, United Kingdom’s second biggest newspaper. The company has more than 2,000 employees and is specialised in the printing of newspapers with water based inks. Besides that, Mail Newspapers is the largest flexographic newspapers printer in the world.
In the following Lee Terry, Senior Pre-Press Application Specialist of the Mail Newspapers Business Service department, explains how Mail Newspapers implemented OneVision’s automated image enhancement software solution Amendo and tells more about the achieved benefits in the field of quality, efficiency and cost reduction.

Why have you decided to purchase OneVision’s Amendo? Which expectations did you have towards software for image enhancement?
Following extensive testing with several automated imaging software vendors, we found that Amendo gave us the best improvement in quality over a wide range of images. Thus, the amount of manual retouching got reduced.

How does Amendo fulfil these expectations?

Amendo meets our economic and quality requirements. Our expectations have been met and exceeded. All the publications we have worked with thus far have responded with good remarks for the software, and this has made it easy to implement across all titles.

Could you please also describe how Amendo is working in your specific production environment?
Amendo is mainly used for our automated imaging workflow in conjunction with our publishing system.

Was it difficult to implement Amendo in your existing processes and system landscape?
The implementation was simple, once the software was configured for colour we switched the image feeds to go through Amendo. There was no requirement to change our publishing systems workflow when we introduced Amendo.

Think about a regular working day at your company: How many pictures would go through Amendo?
On average about 1,800 images a day would be sent to Amendo. These would range from images for newspapers to high end magazines.

What do you think about the quality of the pictures after they have been processed by Amendo?
We have seen a marked improvement in the quality produced by Amendo compared to the software that we are replacing.

Did you also test other software solutions for image enhancement? Why did you decide to go for One Vision’s solution?
We analysed Amendo against three other software vendors. Amendo came out ahead of the others on our key metrics’ throughput and quality.

Did the fact that you were already using OneVision products influence your decision to buy Amendo and how?
No, the Business Production Director was extremely clear that testing had to be measurable so that he could make a clear decision.

How satisfied are you with the support of OneVision?

Should I have a question or any issues regarding Amendo, then OneVision has been prompt in responding. OneVision has provided a high level of support.

Is there anything else you would like to share about OneVision’s software or the company?
OneVision’s understanding of our business requirements has resulted in the transition going very smoothly.

PDF version for download

Production Journal about DMG's successful integration of Amendo in their prepress workflow

Production Journal reports about DMG Media's successful integration of Amendo

The Production Journal from the UK covers DMG Media's successful use of image enhancement software Amendo in their prepress production.

Find the full editorial article HERE (PDF).

The Production Journal from the UK covers DMG Media's successful use of image enhancement software Amendo in their prepress production.
The DMG Media Workflow

Examples: Before and after the enhancement with Amendo

Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of beard guy
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of Stone Bridge
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of Holi festival boy
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of Buckingham Palace
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of sports car
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of sportive woman
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of food colors
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of Queen
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of VIP image
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of mother and daughter image
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of child
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of bear on the hunt
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of colorful spice
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of cliff view
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of kids skin tones
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of traditional music
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of butterfly colors
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of giraffe in the wilderness
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of dog and cat
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of beach and ocean
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of kids in water
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of colorful forest
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of Neuschwanstein Castle
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of colorful peacock
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of traditional bavarian dirndl
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of colorful landscape
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of Königsee
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of colorful parrots
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of football player
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of wheat field
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of bird and flower colors
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of red car
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of cow
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of London
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of ocean
Image enhancement with Amendo: comparison of cattle show cow
Bauer Media Group Magazines produced with Amendo

What our customers say about Amendo

Motor Presse Stuttgart logo

Stefan Widmann, Head of Media Production Motorrad, Motor Presse Stuttgart:
"Amendo clearly saves us time as the software enables us to perform the basic optimization for all images at an enormously high throughput and with a consistently high quality.The detection and correction of sky and vegetation tones saves us outlining elaborate, complex image areas."

Winnipeg Free Press logo

Timothy Happychuk, CIO, Winnipeg Free Press:
"Amendo simply stands head and shoulders above the leading image enhancement workflow solutions. It's almost unbreakable architecture paired with its brilliantly intuitive interface and depth of features have made it the cornerstone of a high performance content workflow both studied and envied by industry peers. We simply love it."

Sin Chew Daily logo

Sin Chew:
“The use of Amendo has brought a high degree of operation efficiency to our operations department’s workflow. Amendo enables us to meet and maintain our quality standards and brings consistency throughout our entire publication”.


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Mortons Media logo
Motor Presse Stuttgart logo
Ouest France Media logo
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