Generate Bleed: automated and intelligent bleed printing – now in your workflow!

Generate Bleed_using cutline for bleed printing

Adding bleed to pdf bleed takes time and nerves. When you get a print file without bleed, you have two options:
Either you correct the file manually or you contact the customer to request a new, correct file. Both ways are just tedious and time-consuming.

A far better way for bleed printing, is option 3:
Add the module "Generate Bleed" to your workflow and it'll add missing bleed fully automatically.

Your benefits

Missing bleed is generated automatically

Cutting tolerances in finishing are insignificant

No more manual intervention in the file necessary

Print files do not have to be revised

No interference

High time-savings

How does "Generate Bleed" works?

The "Preflight" module detects whether bleed is missing and needs to be added. Files lacking of bleed are sent to the "Generate Bleed" module that sets up the bleed automatically.

The module analyzes the print file along the PDF Trimbox or a freely designed cut line. Missing bleed is intelligently generated by mirroring or pixel stretching. The software even recognizes when the artwork does not go all the way to trim box and generates a complete, intelligent bleed.

Generate Bleed - using Trimbox for bleed printing

Test the automatic generation of bleed

Test the "automatically add missing bleed" function yourself: Just upload your test file and you'll receive the corrected and optimized file right back shortly.

Please upload a PDF file; max. 10 MB

Upload Form Perfect Bleed

Upload Perfect Bleed
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More than 80% time saving: Bleed generation automatic versus manual

With automatic bleed generation, you will save more than 80 percent of the time compared to manual correction of incorrect files.

The following example shows that it takes almost two minutes to create four different files manually with our PDF editor Solvero. Automatic processing of the file takes only 21 seconds.
And above all without the possibility that something was accidentally (manually) deleted from the file.

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