Asura Wide Format: Your solution for cost-efficient wide format printing!

Asura Wide Format is OneVision's new software solution developed for wide format printing. The solution is a combination of print data normalizing modules – as used in our prepress suite Asura – and a nesting module. Thereby the software with its fully automated workflow enables easy and fast printing with perfect results. With a high degree of automation Asura Wide Format helps you to save valuable time, money and material resources and makes your production process more efficient. The data normalizing module offers you fully automated quality control of print files at the prepress stage with subsequent optimization. Error identification and correction – automatically, as part of your workflow!

Asura Wide Format automates your production workflow

Asura Wide Format Modules

Create PDF: Converts all supported formats into PDF, performs some basic optimizations
Preflight: Performs detailed checks on file quality
Color Management: Defines input color calibration and overprint settings
Flatten transparencies: Removes transparency from a PDF-file which could cause problems while printing:

Example: Flatten transparencies

Recalculation and restructuring of elements
original appearance of image remains
ideal file optimization for printing


Benefits with flatten transparencies
shorter RIP times due to
• less complex files
• less data volume as invisible elements are removed
errorless printing
no occurrence of color issues during the RIP

Normalize: Allows to adjust the files to your production environment
Modify Page Format: Allows various modifications of page size
Prepare Sheet: Defines sheet properties such as paper size and output orientation, and the print marks to be added
Solvero Approval: Sends job files for the manual assessment/revision/approval to the last-minute file editor Solvero

If further features, such as “Create Bleed“, or “Process spot-colors“ are needed, optional modules can be purchased as components.

Freeform nesting module: Fully automated workflow

  • With freeform nesting and trimbox nesting
  • Artworks with the same substrate, but different shapes get combined and arranged – even across customer orders
  • Creation of collective forms with several multi-customer orders for a maximum utilization of substrates
  • Based on the collective forms two PDF files are created fully automatically. First PDF for the printing data and the second PDF for the cutting forms
  • Automated creation of barcodes and registration marks
  • Provision of cutting forms to address the downstream cutter in PDF format

The objective of nesting is to keep waste as low as possible and to produce as less surplus as possible. As a result production becomes more sustainable and costs are saved.

Examples of freeform nesting

A higher automation level can be achieved by combining the software for large format printing with the workflow management system Workspace Pro. It allows you to benefit from additional functions such as “Flexible order prioritization“ based on the day of the week and time of day, “Collecting jobs“ within the parameters of a job or “Interactive start“.