Perfect skin technology

Automatic adjustment of skin tones:

Different skin tones are harmonized while maintaining the individual character of the skin tone.

The result: a harmonious interplay – even across multiple images.

Skin tone modulation

Amendo's analyzing function detects skin spots, skin redness and/or blemishes.

It corrects them automatically.

Individual facial features remain untouched and are not manipulated.

Intelligent skin tone recognition

 Amendo recognizes different skin types and maintains the natural complexion. Both images were processed by the same assembly line. The example shows:

Light complexions remain light.

Faces darkened by shadows retain their natural complexion, while shadows are lit up.

Face detection

Even a mask can not keep Amendo from detecting faces:

Amendo recognizes faces on the basis of mouth, eyes and nose, analyzes the facial skin tone and optimizes it.

Amendo can use the facial skin tone to optimize the skin tone of other body parts (e.g. ears, hands, legs, ...)

Amendo works out details like laces, flowers and applications.

Amendo preserves the color brilliance in the costume and headwear.

Automated crop to recognized faces

With the function "automated crop to recognized faces":

If Amendo identifies a face in an image, the image can be cropped to the face

Brighten eyes and teeth

Eyes and teeth are an important part of the effect and expressiveness of a photo. Until now, brightening the eye area and removing red-eye effect has typically been a manual task.

Amendo removes red-eye effect.

Amendo brightens eyes and teeth.

Amendo gives the face a natural glow.

All completely automatically: Meaning Amendo speeds up photo editing times and delivers a consistently high photo quality.

Skin tone based enhancement

Lightening dark shadows in faces is no problem for Amendo:

Amendo analyzes images and automatically detects faces.

Amendo analyes the surroundings.

Amendo optimizes the brightness of the faces to match the light of the surroundings using artificial intelligence.

Automatic detection of logos and graphics

Logos and graphics are usually created in corporate colors and should usually be excluded from image optimization.

Amendo detects logos, cartoons, screen shots, technical drawings and keeps them untouched / optimizes the rest of the photo separately from the logo.

Brand colors remain untouched

With the "Brand colors remain untouched" function: users can define "brand colors", i.e. LAB values of color values that are not to be changed.

The colors of e.g. company logo or as in this case shirts can be preserved
All color values that are very close to this brand color can be automatically recolored

Preset assembly lines & best practice image workflows

14 preset assembly lines simplify image enhancement in many ways. Typical image production application scenarios, such as the increase of local contrast, the remove of color cast, the protection of corporate colors or pure change in the image size can be easily implemented automatically via these assembly lines. Amendo also offers pre-configured best practice workflows for an automatic image workflow for the following sectors: Fashion, Food, Magazine, Real Life, Technology and Yellow Press.

The assembly lines include Amendo's intelligent image analysis module, which recognizes portrait photos and selects a different optimization in the next step than for group pictures.

If Amendo detects a red-/ yellow-ish color cast in landscape pictures as it being part of the atmosphere, it preservs the colors and the natural character of the picture.

Amendo processes images in the assembly lines, applying the optimization steps necessary to achieve optimal effects for each magazine style (e.g. authentic, colorful, high-quality, brilliant, etc.).

The best practice workflows have already been tested at several leading magazine publishers and found to be very good.

Get started fast & easy and save valuable time with the preset assembly lines.

Noise reduction

With the "Noise Reduction" function, the photo enhancement software Amendo detects noisy images/ image areas caused by too high ISO values or poor light.

Amendo detects noise and reduces noise by smoothing out flat areas.

Amendo reduces the amount of noise, while leaving edges and small parts of the image unaffected.

Unsharp masking

With the functionality "Unsharp Masking" Amendo automatically protects bright areas of images.

It makes metal really shine.

While ensuring that bright areas do not blow out.

The level of shininess and brightness can be regulated through the settings.

Adaptive sharpening

With "adaptive sharpening":

Example: A customer has images of which 80% require quite some sharpening. 20% are already sharp enough.

• Sharpening would oversharpen these 20%, i.e. destroy it
• If the customer reduces sharpening => 80% of the images could be sharper, the 20% are only need to be worked on a little bit

With the Amendo "Detect sharpness" you can

With its "Adaptive Sharpening" function, the photo optimization software Amendo takes into account the existing sharpness in the photos and applies the additional sharpening only adaptively.
Amendo applies sharpening to the 80% of the images that require quite some sharpening. With the 20% that are aharp enough, Amendo adapts to the already existing sharpness and optimizes only where necessary

Sharpening with a large radius usually results in the loss of very bright image areas. Amendo protects and maintains these areas with "Protect Highlights".

Automated clipping & remove background

The workflow mananagement system Workspace Pro X recognizes and sorts images on a white background and sends them via rules to the Amendo “Create Clipping Path” module. The module automatically generates a clipping path:

This can be used to control text flow or to place the image on a different background.

Images containing objects on colored or more complex background, can be send to

Once the background has been removed, they are automatically fed back into the workflow for further processing.

Optimization of sky and vegetation tones

Amendo detects and optimizes vegetation and sky tones.

Remove color cast

By combining Amendo with Workspace Pro X, this automation can be further enhanced: Both the color scheme and the strength of a color cast are recognized by Amendo Analyze. These values can be used to further process images differently.

Amendo detects and removes color casts automatically.

However, if Amendo detects a red or yellowish color cast in photos as it being part of the mood, it preserves the colors and the natural character of the photo.

Automatic selection of the color-matching method

Based on brightness values and saturation Amendo selects the exact color-matching method, so that colors can be printed even closer to the original color after conversion from RGB to CMYK. In addition, multitone images, for example, images with sepia colors, can now be optimized in PDF files.

“Clear Rendering” is a perception-orientated and improved color adjustment method for the CMYK-output. Some output devices are only able to show warm yellow (yellow with red), but not cold yellow (yellow with blue or green). For this kind of output devices the ICC-profile of our perception-orientated color adjustment method simulates cold yellow by adding cyan. But yellow with amounts of cyan often looks soiled for the human eye, especially in images which are printed with conventional rastering methods. “Clear Rendering” reduces the disruptive amounts of cyan in cold yellow. In warm yellow as well as in every other image areas you can’t recognize any visual difference in comparison to the perception-orientated color adjustment method.

Amendo Processor

If you want to process images without optimization then Amendo Processor is the right tool for you.

It takes over all files where the Amendo optimization is not required, thus speeding up the whole workflow, as it takes load off Amendo.

Amendo Processor is scaling images, reducing JPG artifacts, converting images into the required file format, setting image compression and is doing color management (everything except the image optimization).

Photoshop® & InDesign® extension

With the extension Amendo can be connected to Photoshop.

Thus, layout artists can retouch the basic optimized images by Amendo directly via the extension.

With pre-set assembly lines layout designers can optimize images directly in InDesign without specific IT and image processing skills.

OneVision provides pre-configured templates, which allow the layout artist to process images with only two clicks.

This enables the designer to directly access images and the overall layout as well as make any changes.

Amendo Extension | overlay & merge images

The Amendo Extension allows you to merge and overlay images:

"Merge images" uses channels as masks when merging two images. This is useful if you only want the Amendo optimization should affect certain image areas.

"Overlay images" allows to compare original images with its optimized version. A created Photoshop-File contains a layer with the optimized image and a layer with the original image.

Images describes the Amendo merge images function
Amendo Extension overlay images

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