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"Deutscher Drucker" reports about strong growth in wide format digital printing without any additional staff

The leading trade magazine of the German printing industry reports in the current issue how the large format printing company Siepro KG has managed its steady growth by automating its production processes with the Wide Format Automation Suite without additional personnel. Not only has the workflow been automated, but more economical and efficient work has also been made possible.

The wide format printer Siepro KG (Steinheim/Murr) has invested in OneVision's Wide Format Automation Suite to increase job throughput in the web-to-print environment while keeping personnel costs constant. Greater process efficiency through the automation of individual work steps should also help to save material costs and thus increase profit margins.

Wide format printing also "craves" automation

Siepro KG is a specialist in film printing and supports global players such as Siemens, Meto, Bosch, Fein, Weleda and others in the production of their printed products. The product portfolio of the wide format printer includes advertising and product stickers, sticker sheets, backlit films, wobbler/crowner (POS products), adhesive films and floor stickers made of various materials. The print service provider's order volume is approximately 4,000 jobs per month. 20 large format systems are used for the production of the various products. Various printing machines are used, such as the Océ Colorado and Océ Arizona, as well as machines from Epson, Seiko, Oki and Zünd. Siepro KG uses UV offset, screen and digital printing for the printing process.

Web-to-print business is growing

With the Wide Format Automation Suite from OneVision, a software that combines workflow management, prepress package and technologies such as nesting or an integrated cutting line manager in one system, Siepro is now better able to handle the growing number of orders, some of which were previously processed manually via another software. Work is much more flexible, time and cost efficient – also in data preparation. According to OneVision, the functionalities were adapted almost tailor-made to the needs of the wide format printer.

Nesting & Co.

The nesting technology in the suite now automatically places complex shapes in such a way that not only less manpower is required, but the company can also significantly reduce waste and thus increase profit margins. According to the print service provider, it was able to create space for new print jobs: Previously 10 meters were printed for one job, but now it is only 9 meters. Siepro KG was also allegedly able to become significantly more efficient in the area of cutting times through the use of the suite. The automatic cutting line merging achieves an estimated 70% faster cutting time for stickers.

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Magazine: Deutscher Drucker

Efficient, high-quality print results with Océ Colorado in perfect interaction with OneVision's Wide Format Automation Suite

Auto ganging output created with the freeform nesting module and extracted form for the cutter

Production process with OneVision's Wide Format Automation Suite