EFI Connect 2020

North America
2020/01/21 - 2020/01/24
2020/01/21, 09:00 am
2020/01/24, 04:30 pm
Las Vegas, NV

Take advantage of more educational breakout sessions, classroom space, networking opportunities, and keynote speeches led by industry experts, in addition to the hands-on aspect of the industry-leading user conference. You will learn from experts and attendees alike as you blaze the trail for your business success in 2020!

Our mission: Streamline your print production and increase your job throughput!
Our measures: Our proven prepress and workflow software makes manual work in your prepress production a thing of the past.

Set up, standardize, automate and control your production process easily with our workflow management system. Automate all time consuming steps in the prepress stage such as checking and normalizing incoming files, creating bleed and white/varnish masks, nesting, impositioning and much more.

Meet us at our booth and be sure not to miss our highly informative session. Booth number, time and title are coming soon.

Make an appointment now: info.us(at)onevision.com