Would you buy a Porsche and then put unrefined fuel in it?

black High-end sports car

Would you buy a Porsche and then put unrefined fuel in it? – Of course you wouldn’t.

Since you have a new high end, state of the art vehicle capable of propelling you to new automotive heights, you wouldn’t shackle it to the ground by using substandard fuel. You would put the best fuel you could find into it so that it would run the best it could and as it was designed to.

However, when it comes to many printers in the world, they spend their hard won profits on the latest and greatest printing technologies, yet do just that when they run substandard files through the equipment they paid so much for to take their businesses to new heights.

Now can you go faster than the next person with your new Bugatti? Sure, as long as they don’t have a Bugatti. However if they do and they are putting premium fuel in theirs, you will be left behind.

So it is with Printing. If you have the latest technology and the next printer doesn’t then you will be able to print more and faster than they can. However if they have also invested in the latest print technology but are fueling their with the premium fuel of automated and normalized files, then they will leave you in the dust.

Let’s examine what I mean:

  • If you send your file, that has not been fully checked and corrected, to your new print technology, then the RIP must reconcile the errors in the file before print can begin.  This causes the printer to stand still at the starting line waiting for the green light to print.
  • In other high-end print technology, the RIP happens while the printer is printing. If the files have errors or issues, it will cause the printer to stop mid print while the RIP finishes correcting the issue feeding small amounts of the reconciled data to the print engine, which will cause your new Porsche-like printer to sputter and buck. 

Now I can hear many of you saying: “Well I fix the issues before they get to the printer”, and that’s great. But how long is it taking you to do that?

Also, while I’m sure you and your team are excellent at what you do, can you honestly say that you are 100% effective in fixing all the issues? That you’ve never had a file make it through to your printer that is flawed in some way? A transparency that made it past your examination or a vector graphic that has over a million points in a 1-inch area of an image? Was that a sputter or bucking I heard?

So, what can you do to insure that you have files that will run without issues and make it through the RIP in no time at all?

  • First you want to automate the actions of your prepress and preflighting.
  • While there are a number of preflight software solutions available, you want to use a solution that provides the highest quality PDF available to your new “Porsche”.
  • You want a solution that looks at the entire file, not just the header of the file. Why? Because a check of just the header can produce erroneous results – more sputtering and bucking.
  • You want a solution that adheres to the International Standards Organization’s specification for PDF files. Thereby guaranteeing that the file will work on any of your printing equipment.
  • You want a flexible solution that can automatically process files to the highest standards by using, XML, FTP, File Names or Metadata to route the files to the correct automated workflow and ultimately to the correct printing technology.
  • And you want a solution that conforms to the way YOU do business not the other way around.

So, let’s look at the solution:

OneVision’s family of software solutions provide the refinery needed to provide the premium fuel your new print technology needs to run quickly and efficiently as designed. 

They provide:

  • File Normalization and Ink Saving Solutions
  • Color Management
  • Process Automation & File Logistics
  • Intelligent Image Enhancement
  • Premier Editing of Text, Images and Graphics
Surface of OneVision´s Workspace

Running on the platform known as Workspace, the various premium refinement processes make sure that your files will be the best they can be and will run on any print technology.

Workspace and XML job tickets provide the basis for recording, tracking, and analyzing information on each production step. This saves time and increases the reliability and transparency of the production process. Operators can monitor and/or modify the production process via a web browser when necessary. Log files, status messages, and statistics can be accessed and analyzed at any time.

The workflow management system Workspace is the backbone and is used for configuring and controlling the applications. One of which is the prepress solution Asura.


Asura Surface

With its extensive tool box allowing you to automatically:

  • Convert customer files into production files
  • Resize files automatically
  • Check all incoming files for errors
  • Solve all your transparency, vector and overprinting issues
  • Ensure safe and reliable print automatically

In conclusion, in order to make your “Porsche” of a printer run as fast and as flawlessly as it was designed to, you need to have the right fuel.

That fuel would be a file that has been prepared and preflighted to the highest standards in the industry today with a software that has been proven time and time again over its 26 year history and is so good that it was the only software in October 2017 that could fully support the new PDF 2.0 standard, when no one else was able to till July of the following year.

A fuel that has been configured to be the easiest and most flexible solution by design to work within the design of YOUR company.

A fuel that can be utilized to not only clean up the files you receive, but also to prepare them through automated impositioning, adding crop or bleed and saving you ink and adjusting images that are sub-par. A fuel that – by utilizing Xml or Metadata – can perform all these steps flawlessly and automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and never take a sick day or a holiday.

That’s the kind of premium fuel you need to lead the pack and win the race with your new printing technology!

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