OneVision Webinars

Would you like to keep your OneVision software solutions up to date at all times while keeping an eye on the latest developments? Would you like to know how you can benefit from the new features and functions in your daily production?

Then we are pleased to present our new webinar series today. From October onwards, we will regularly offer free webinars on What's New Sessions for all of our customers. Take advantage of the one-hour webinars and benefit from the expert knowledge of our OneVision experts.

What's New Webinars

Get to know the new and enhanced modules and features of the latest software versions of Asura, Workspace and Amendo in our free What's New Webinars and increase the automation, stability and reliability of your production workflow.

At the end of our webinar series we offer you a webinar on Workspace Pro X.
The webinar will give you an overview of the special functions in Workspace Pro X.

Time Schedule

09.10.2018   What's New in Asura 18.2

10.10.2018   What's New in Asura 18.2

11.10.2018   What's New in Amendo 18.2

12.10.2018   Nouveautés Asura & Amendo 18.2

16.10.2018   What's New in Asura 18.2

17.10.2018   Nouveautés Asura & Amendo 18.2

18.10.2018   What's New in Asura 18.2

18.10.2018   What's New in Amendo 18.2

23.10.2018   What's New in Amendo 18.2

24.10.2018   What's New in Amendo 18.2

25.10.2018   Workspace Pro X


Signing up for our webinar series is easy. All you have to do is register once for our What's New webinars and then you can attend all other webinars. Please note that there are two different What's New Webinars for every product category to cover all of our customers of the different time zones. Please select which one fits you best.

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Do you have questions about our webinar series? Are you missing a particular topic from our plan?
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