Print & Publishing Day and Digital Print Day London

The hot topic of the printing industry is AUTOMATION! Automating prepress workflows is our core competency. Hence, we have hosted two very informative events in the UK. The first event – the Print & Publishing Day London: Workflow Automation Your Way – for all newspaper, magazine and commercial printers. The second event – the Digital Print Day: How to increase throughput in wide format printing – a specialised event for all wide format printers.

Leading companies in their respective industries took the opportunity to learn more about the topic of digitizing and automating printing workflows. However, the large and leading companies were not the only ones to use this opportunity for exchange of ideas with colleagues and software developers, but also a few smaller publishers and reproduction studios convinced themselves right on the spot of the wide range of possibilities which the flexible software solutions offer. Companies gained inspiration for the design and organization of their production workflows:

Print 4.0: Workflow Automation Your Way

Print 4.0

Within the scope of Print 4.0, many areas, such as order placement & job scheduling, shipping / logistics processes or material management and ordering processes can be automated. The focus of the lecture by Rainer Gelner, Head of Solution Consulting of OneVision Software, is the integration of production processes and workflow management systems.

A production process is made up of many applications and devices, which check, trap, or print individual processes such as data. A sequence of defined tasks, which are triggered, controlled and terminated by events, forms in sum a workflow. Several workflow engines (applications and devices) are, in turn, modeled, managed and controlled under a data organization and a user interface in workflow management systems.

In an integrated workflow, the applications / devices or workflow management systems communicate automatically with one another using metadata (job tickets). Further programs and devices can be connected to the workflow via various interfaces. Workflow management systems, not only control production processes, but also provide information on material, electronic or conceptual resources.

Find the presentation here.

Workspace Pro X – More tools for workflow automation

Workflow management with Workspace

To head towards Print 4.0 Workspace Pro X offers even more options especially regarding support of metadata-based workflows and connectivity to 3rd party systems. Juergen Gschloessl, Communication Manager at OneVision introduced various functionality that assist Asura and Amendo users to automate their processes further. Some examples were the converters from office or Adobe file formats into PDF, the extended user management, page pairing, or the ability to integrate any 3rd party hotfolder applications into the Workspace workflow.

Find the presentation here.

Customer Case Study: Automated image enhancement in perfection

Gerd Köberich presenting the image enhancement software Amendo

Gerd Koeberich, Verlag Dierichs GmbH & Co. KG, presented the way of his company from using a competitor's image enhancement solutions to their reason for deciding pro Amendo. In addition to a detail dashboard showing all relevant Amendo metrics, Mr. Koeberich also introduced some of their workflows that are based on metadata and image properties. These criteria determine the Amendo settings. This indeed war a very interesting look into an expert usage of Amendo.

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„Hot off the press“: Release 18.2 is out – What‘s new?

Tiling & Paneling a new function of the Software Generation 18.2

Version 18.2 of Workspace, Amendo and Asura has been released in the past few week. Highlights of this version have been shown by Juergen Gschloessl, introducing the new functionality with the help of use cases. Asura can simplify complex files (the bees), Amendo comes with pre-defined assembly line for higher automation and Workspace both found a way to simplify even complex workflows (Phases) and with Workspace Pro also introduces XPath functionality to overwrite any setting of any module dynamically.

Find the presentation here.

Going into digital print? No problem with the OneVision Automation Suites

OneVision Automation Suites

Honouring the fact the different printers have different requirements OneVision offers dedicated software packages. Rainer Gelner explained the extra tools available for Wide Format printing, Label printing and Book printing. With taylor made solutions for these markets, OneVision assists customers in adapting, automating and simplifiying processing for digital print.

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Service: OneVision looks after you in every situation

Our team of support experts are there for your concerns and answer your questions with deep know how.

Hans Stoeger, Head of Customer Support, gave an overview on the different levels of Service OneVision offers. He encouraged everyone to contact OneVision's tech team because we are not only there in case of emergencies, but also offer consulting, training, and general assistance in using OneVision software.

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