PPD Seoul

Asien und Ozeanien
14:00 Uhr
18:00 Uhr
Dragon City

We would like to cordially invite you to our Print & Publishing Day in Seoul on May, 16th, 2018 directly after the Unleashing Print Dscoop Conference. At this very informative event we, Alles International LTD., and our partner, the German software manufacturer OneVision, will give you a deep insight on how to further automate your prepress stage.

With recommendation and suggestions on the theme "Prepress Automation – How to make your print production more efficient and profitable by utilizing prepress automation software", our technical consultants will explain how increasing automation in production helps you to save valuable time and costs while simultaneously enhancing your print file quality.


Main topics of the Print & Publishing Day in Seoul:

  • Workflow automation: The Workflow Management System being the backbone of your print workflow
  • Prepress automation: Increase the quality of your print files and set up error-free, print-ready print files automatically
  • Comprehensive automation suites for wide format, book and label printing: less set-up times in prepress, higher job throughput, higher print quality
  • Automated image enhancement: brilliant pictures in no time

We look forward to welcoming you to this informative event in Seoul on May 16th!

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