Print & Publishing Day Prague on February, 15 2017!

Here is some exciting advance information for you, looking forward into 2017. We, OneVision Software AG, are more than happy to announce our new partnership with the Czech VALIDO PRE-PRESS s.r.o.!

In collaboration with our new partner we will be hosting one of our very popular and informative Print & Publishing Days in Prague on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017. As always, this will be an extremely informative event, covering a wide range of possibilities regarding further automating your workflows, cutting costs and maximising the use of your OneVision® software to full advantage.

Most importantly of course, we are always very enthusiastic to hear what you are hoping to achieve over the coming 12 months and into the longer term. For it is your success that drives us, we would like to catch up with you personally and get an update on your current and future objectives and work requirements.

With contributions on the theme "Withstanding cost pressure: How you can transform your prepress and premedia operation from a cost center to a profit center", our business unit leaders and our technical consultants will explain how increasing automation in production helps saving valuable time and costs while simultaneously enhancing print quality:

More efficiency and better quality of data in prepress and premedia
Fully automated image enhancement
Less investments, more flexibility, no maintenance cost – The advantages of cloud usage
Cross media Publishing – How to transfer a cost center to a profit center
Outlook: Focus on future industry trends and new OneVision developments

We would be very grateful if you can provisionally mark this date in your calendar for the time being.

Delegate places will be limited to some degree, so if you would like to reserve seats, please let me know by filling in the registration form, return email, or give me a call +49 941 78004 410.

Register now >>

Event location:

FLORET vzdelávací a informacní centrum
Kvetnové námestí 391
252 43 Prohonice
Prague – Czech Republic

Any questions?

Contact: Rudolf Schipka

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! rudolf.schipka[@]

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call! +49 941 78004 410

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