Generation 19.1 – intuitive navigation and ease of use

A fresh look for our proven automation software! With the release of the new version 19.1 our software presents itself in a new design. Therefore the workflow management system "Workspace" got a newly designed user interface. This makes navigation more intuitive and easier to use. In addition to a fresh look & feel, new functionalities are also waiting for you: the Balance Clients can now be better monitored and you can keep an eye on your print production at all times by displaying the workload. This enables you to control your production processes even better - also with a very high file load.

The highlights of Generation 19.1 at a glance:

New user interface with fresh design, more intuitive navigation and quicker responses

Assembly line editor: new module names & icons

Right correction of the output intent

Output of "grey text", "gray text and graphic" or "gray text, graphic and image" in pure black

Essential extension of the module "Colors and Layers"

All innovations of generation 19.1 in detail:

New user interface: modern design, intuitive navigation

Screenshot user interface

Each page accessible with one click

Intelligent search functions for easy filtering of information

New, well-structured navigation

Even faster responsiveness of the user interface

Assembly line editor: New module names, new icons, clear text mode

Screenshot new icons Generation 19.1

Redesigned modul icons and module names in the assembly line editor

Assembly line editor has a text mode now

Overview of the new module icons and names compared to the old icons / names:

Overview old vs. new module names and icons

Workflow Tools

Old NameNew Name
Change Job Priorities
Jobs can be prioritized by time of day and/or day of week
Phase: Post-processing
Option to structure assembly lines in order to make them clearer
Phase: Clean-up
Option to structure assembly lines in order to make them clearer
Gather ResultsGather Result Files
Forwards production files to Phases for structuring and simplifying assembly lines
Filter File NameRoute by File Names
Files are sorted by file names and are routed to conected modules.
(Enables workflows based on file names)
External scripts can be executed
Job Scheduler
The execution of a single module, a part of an assembly line or of the complete assembly line can be time scheduled
Transform XML

Any XML informationen can be converted into Workspace terminology. Information from 3rd party systems can be made available for Workspace using XSLT

Compress Files
Zips production files
Decompress Files
Unpacks and decompresses archive formats, e.g. zip, tar, gz
Extract Metadata
Metadata in PDF, JPEG and TIFF files are identified and can be extracted for further processing
Delete Source Files
After file processing is complete, source files are deleted from the source folder. Only required for very special workflows
Rename files
Renames job files according to defined rules
Page Pairing
Creates imposition job tickets to be used in “Assemble Sheets”
Filter by PropertiesRoute by Properties
Files are sorted by file attributes (e.g. metadata, job ticket, ...) and forwarded to connected modules.(This allows for workflows based on metadata)
Collect Collect by File Names
Multiple files can be collected by file names. This is e.g. for outputting multiple files for one gang run
Assembly lines can be paused, e.g. for visual file inspection/approval
Executes a JavaScript in Workspace. No external scripts are required
Collect by Properties
Jobs are collected and sorted based on their attributes, e.g. for nesting
Solvero Approval
Sends documents rejected by Preflight for manual assessment /revision /approval to the file editor Solvero
HotfolderHotfolder Application
Interface for external hot folder applications
Move Source Files
Transports files from the source folder into the Workspace system
Export Files
Outputs files into defined directories
Clean-up Work Data
Processed production files and log files are removed from the Workspace storage
Find Barcodes
Allows for barcode based workflows

File Quality Tools

Old NameNew Name
Production files are analyzed. This is needed mainly to route them to suitable modules for optimization or for checking against order data data coming as job ticket
Create PDFPrepare PDF
Fundamental optimizations of structure, size, complexity of customer files
Flatten Transparencies
Resolves transparencies, among others to increase RIP speed

Creates PDF files that are compliant with the ISO norm and adjusted to the print environment

Prompt PDFSimplify PDF for Viewing
Ensures that even complex files can be opened quickly, especially important for online PDFs
Convert Complex Pages to ImagesRasterize PDF Pages
Converts document pages to images to increase RIP speed

Integration Tools

Old NameNew Name
Caldera RIP (Wide Format Automation Suite)Connect to Caldera RIP
Starts jobs on an external Caldera RIP workstation
Fiery XF RIPConnect to Fiery XF RIP
Starts jobs on an external Fiery RIP workstation
Onyx RIP (Wide Format Automation Suite)Connect to Onyx RIP
Starts jobs on an external Onyx RIP workstation

Interface Tools

Old NameNew Name
Source Folder

Files are retrieved from a defined directory
Start Mark: Manual Jobs
Files are uploaded via drag & drop
Start Mark: Job Tickets
Files are forwarded from the „Job Ticket“ module to this start mark and start from this point into the assembly line
Send E-mails
Sends emails directly, with or without file attachments
Job ticket
Processes job tickets from other systems, e.g. MIS, web shop,...
Convert LibreOffice Documents                                      
LibreOffice documents can be converted into PDF files
Convert MS-Office Documents

MS-Office documents can be converted into PDF files

Convert Adobe-Illustrator Documents
Adobe-Illustrator documents can be converted into PDF files
Convert Adobe-Photoshop Documents
Adobe-Photoshop documents can be converted into PDF files
Convert Adobe-InDesign Documents
Adobe-InDesign documents can be converted into PDF files
Convert Corel-Draw Documents
Corel-Draw documents can be converted into PDF files
Print Documents
For form proofs on connected PS printers

Color Tools

Old NameNew Name
Color Management
Defines working color space for other modules, e.g. for converting color spaces
Unify Color Names
Prevents the mistaken use of the wrong Pantone suffix
Record to CSV                                     
Records ink saving of the Inksave module in a CSV file
Compare Documents

Finds differences between two documents. Visualizes Inksave savings

Generate Plates (PlugSPOTin)Generate Plates
Spot colors, e.g. Pantone can be created from any RGB or CMYK color
Reduces the amount of ink used for printing documents
Modify Plates (PlugSPOTin)Modify Plates
Color names can be modified (e.g. blue  cyan; Pantone a  Pantone b)

Page Tools

Old NameNew Name
Split Multi-page Documents
Splits documents into page assemblies needed for production
Cut Spreads
Cuts document pages to e.g. provide single file to the imposition software
Modify Page Format
Page formats can be adjusted individually. In addition blank pages can be added or removed
Prepare Sheet

Size adjustments and placing of marks and barcodes on print sheets

Trim White Space
Removes white space that is not required for printing
Merge Documents
Merges the pages of two or more documents to one document, e.g. for automated impositioning
Place Watermark
Prevent third parties from using already optimized print data
Overlay Pages
Allows for individualized volume printing
PlugRECOMPOSEinRecompose Plates
Converts separated files into composite files
PlugCROPinTrim to Crop Marks
Files are cropped according to detected crop marks
PlugFITinFit to Size
Scales file into required page formats
PlugFILTERinFilter Text
Files can be filtered based on words contained in text elements
Create White Mask (PlugCOMMERCIAL-PRINTin)Create White Mask (Commercial Print Extension)
Creates an additional plate to underlay printing elements with white. This is used when printing on transparent substrates
Create Varnish Mask (PlugCOMMERCIAL-PRINTin)Create Varnish Mask (Commercial Print Extension)
Creates a varnish mask onto all printing elements, independent from the trim box
Generate Bleed (PlugCOMMERCIAL-PRINTin)Generate Bleed (Commercial Print Extension)
Generates or extends bleed around trim boxes or cutting dies
Trim to Cutting Die (PlugCOMMERCIAL-PRINTin)Trim to Cutting Die (Commercial Print Extension)

Creates a cutting die based on spot color names (e.g. CUT) and optimizes/repairs cutting dies already in a file

Format Tools

Old NameNew Name
Convert to Image
Outputs production files as image format, if needed in the workflow
Convert to EPS
Outputs production files as EPS format, if needed in the workflow
Create Preview Images
A low resolution png image for quick check of file content, e.g. for print approval
Extract Images

Images that are embedded in PDF files are extracted, e.g. for storing in a image database

PlugTEXTinConvert to Text
Texts are extracted from a PDF file and output as HTML or TXT format
Create DXF (PlugCOMMERCIAL-PRINTin)Create DXF (Commercial Print Extension)
Cutting line information is output as a DXF file for cutters that cannot process PDF files

Ganging Tools

Old NameNew Name
Fast, robust, automatic imposition
Nesting (Wide Format Automation Suite)
Automatic positioning of a multitude of graphic elements on a print sheet with minimum waste
Tile Pages (Wide Format Automation Suite)
Oversized files, with content larger than the max print size are divided into multiple, print size sheets

Other Tools

Old NameNew Name
PDF files are screened. In addition to the common AM dot shapes, this module offers HD output
Trap PDF (PlugCOMMERCIAL-PRINTin)Trap PDF (Commercial Print Extension)
Create trappings to avoid white gaps
Detect URLs
Finds URLs in files and converts them into clickable links
Variable Data Printing

Indivual data print (personalized print)

Job History
Generates a detail log file about every job processed
Extract Spot Colors (PlugCOMMERCIAL-PRINTin)Spots and Layers (Commercial Print Extension)
Additionally creates and manipulates spot colors and layers to conform to PDF Processing Steps.

Image Tools

Old NameNew Name
Optimizes image files according to predefined rules
Amendo Analyze
Analyzes images and sets image properties. These properties can be used to route images
Amendo PS Approval
After processing images with Amendo they can be visually inspected and approved in Photoshop
Amendo Processor

Provides basic image processing capabilities such as scaling, format conversion, and color management

Amendo Portrait
Crops images to portraits according to recognized faces
Amendo PDF Image Extract
Extracts all images from PDF files for visual approval in Amendo PS Approval
Amendo PDF Image Inject
After having been extracted from PDF, and after having been approved in Amendo PS Approval, images are put back into their original PDF
Amendo Curves
Attention, this is an expert module: channel curves can be adjusted
Edit Metadata
Metadata can be added, modified or removed from an image
Generate Image Path
Creates an image path around recognized objects

Output Intent

Production files are often sent without or with the wrong output intent

Our automation software automatically sets the appropriate output intent for each file

For the best colour result in printing

Colors and layers

Print file can be separated from finishing and embellishment information

Output of embellishment and finishing information optionally as spot color or layer

Support of processing steps (ISO standard)

Any number of processing steps possible, for example stamping, lacquering, cutting, ..

Output of grey text in pure black

"Output gray in black extract" can be set for "Text", "Text, graphic and images" or "Text and images".

Grey text can be output in pure black, while graphics and images remain unchanged

Exmaple of output of grey text in pure black

Amendo: Process gray images automatically as gray images

Gray images should be processed other than color images, e.g. no correction of skin, vegetation or sky tones

Amendo now automatically recognizes images as grayscale and does not correct memory colors

Example: process gray images automatically as gray images

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